Child psychologist’s warning: This is why you should NEVER give kisses on the mouth to your children.

If you start once, when will you finish?

Recently, the Newsner website published an interesting article about how good -or not so good- it is for parents to kiss their children on the mouth. Based on the theory of child psychologist Charlotte Reznick and some other specialists, the article seeks to make all parents and children reflect on the limits that should have the expressions of love between them.

Referring to the controversial photograph that model Victoria Beckham published some time ago on her social networks, in which she appears kissing her daughter on the mouth, Dr. Reznick emphasized how harmful this “innocent” expression of love can be. “Kissing your children on the mouth is something you should never do…If you start once, when are you going to stop? It becomes very confusing,” she said convincingly.

In fact, this specialist recommends that, regardless of the age of the children, parents should not accustom them to receive any type of affective expression that may be stimulating or misinterpreted in the future.

Different opinions

However, some other scholars have disputed Dr. Reznick’s opinion, arguing that kisses on the mouth between parents and children cannot be confusing and are only parental tokens of love. In a way, they dismiss the theory that “a simple kiss on the mouth” can confuse a child about his or her relationship with a parent.

While it is true that, for millions of people, kissing their children on the mouth has become such a common practice that it seems far-fetched to think that it could affect the emotional health of their little ones, for many others the appropriateness or harm of this habit is still in question.

6 healthy ways to show love to your children

Now -my dear reader-, once we have seen some of the reasons why it is considered right or wrong for parents and children to kiss on the mouth, it is important for you to know that there are many other -not confusing- ways to express maternal or paternal love. To that end, here are 6 ways you can make them feel loved.

  • Hug them

Without a doubt, hugging your children when they wake up and when they go to rest is one of the healthiest and most comforting expressions of love you can give them. So, don’t hesitate to hug them and make them happier and more confident children.

  • Tell them how much you love them

No matter how repetitive you may be, you should always tell your children how much you love them. Whether in private or in public, take advantage of every day of their life to make them feel loved.

  • Write them letters

Letters will never go out of style when it comes to parental love. Therefore, dare to write your children everything they mean to you. No doubt, they will thank you for it.

  • Kiss them on the cheeks and foreheads

If you are one of those who are not sure how correct it is to kiss your children on the mouth, do not worry, for that there are kisses on the cheeks and forehead.

  • Support them every moment

Even if they are small and you think they don’t have goals or dreams yet, make them feel all the love you have for them through your support and understanding at every moment of their lives.

  • Play with them

Finally, you can be sure that playing with your children and giving them all your attention is the best way to express your love. Undoubtedly, this simple but significant act will leave an indelible mark on them.