What makes women angry with men

I asked some of you what was annoying them about their partners, the answers are rather heterogeneous and very funny for some of you.

Cheap Men – Emilie, 33 years old

My last guy had silver fangs. Well, he wasn’t really stingy, didn’t objectively meet the criteria of the claw that we’re used to hearing. I mean, he offered me a lot of restaurants, invited me to the movies willingly, and I always had nice gifts for special occasions. But then again, he wasn’t a sharing man. Even though we had been together for seven years, he didn’t want to hear the word “joint account” (was he afraid of losing out with me who earned barely 100 euros less than he did?). It went even further: when he bought himself something to eat and I had the misfortune to bite into it, I felt like I had committed a crime, a heavily punishable act. And frankly, the more we progressed in our relationship, the less he shared, it became really heavy for me. He even took me out one day, “If you can’t pay, it’s because you have to lower your standard of living” T.O.N? Seriously? Because I was alone maybe, that monsieur was not crazy about grandeur? He just wanted us to lead two different lives… And it’s done!

Passive men – Imane, 26 years old

My ex was absolutely passive, he didn’t make any decisions. I don’t think he ever did anything. Even when we went to the movies, I had to choose the movie. Sometimes I would take the movie with the most ass, the most girlie-girl, on purpose, only to hear him say, “Next time, I’ll choose”. But no!! Never! He preferred to keep quiet rather than express his opinion. I can’t blame him, we are just the way we are, but personally, I absolutely could not project myself with such an unenterprising man.

Possessive men – Jade, 24 years old

When a man is jealous, I think it makes him really pathetic. I love my boyfriend, I really do. But when I see him wanting to hit another guy at a club just because he talked to me, I think it’s ridiculous! It shows so much that he doesn’t trust him that, for me, it pisses me off. I love self-confident men so much and my boyfriend seems to be so confident in “normal” times but as soon as he starts to get jealous and cries, I feel like sticking a pacifier in his mouth and slamming the door of my house!

Grumbling men – Sophie, 25 years old

My boyfriend has a big flaw, the one to bitch all the time! Like he gets up in the morning he’s already grumbling and it’s sometimes very heavy. The worst is for household chores, when we have to hang the laundry or vacuum, he can grumble for a whole day before doing it and even after! It’s quite unbearable, but as I like it, I accept this defect…

And you, what do you find annoying about your partners or ex-partners?

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