Things that men will never tell you!

They are very different from women… uh, no one doubts it. While they accuse women of being totally mysterious, never knowing what to do or say to please them, men on the other hand are easy to understand. Do we know the real man we live with every day? Yes, but what women often don’t know is that their men often prefer to maintain a certain intimacy, or even have difficulty talking openly about their feelings. He often prefers not to reveal everything. Come to think of it, we’ve found some clues to help men understand men better and, who knows, improve their relationship.

Yes, they cry

In fact, most men have already cried like a weaned baby, even if they don’t admit it, they often feel like not talking about it. If this happens in front of you, and you find that shedding tears is not a sign of manhood, then you need a change in your conception: by doing so, he’s showing that he’s human, which is a sign of strength, not weakness.

He has emotional wounds

Many men have also experienced disappointment, betrayal or betrayal, in a word, as well as women, they carry an emotional past. Unfortunately often his experiences have not helped them to mature.

He wants to be heard

In spite of all the difficulties in opening up, when they decide to talk about their problems, to expose themselves in all intimacy, they tell you little about their pains. So, when your man needs to let off steam, listen to him without judging or criticizing him. Let him express himself at ease.

It is certain that you are complicated

“Women are complicated” is a very common expression in the mouths of men because, for some, the emotion inherent in the female gender is pure instability. They accept that calmly, despite the jokes, they love the path that leads to you, the path that even makes their lives more interesting.

He loves to be your man

Believe me, men are hunters by nature, and conquest is a fundamental part of their game. To the question is man immature, the answer is yes. If man has already made it clear that he loves you and is committed, he will love it when you call him my man. So every day becomes a beautiful love encounter.

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