The feeling of guilt of working moms

Do you also feel guilty because you’re cut in half between having a career and finding time to spend with your kids? Relax, because the worries are unnecessary.

Whew! The guilt of working moms is a big misunderstanding!

Sociologists Anina Vercruyssen and Sara Symoens from Ghent University have looked into the matter.

And they put some astonishing figures before our eyes: “More than nine out of ten working women find it completely normal that the combination of work and household is more stressful. But more than one in five women don’t dare to admit that they can’t cope with both”.

“Mothers struggle to avoid being overworked: doing too much at work and at home. That’s why they are bothered at work by the household and vice versa.

One study suggests that mothers seem to be spending more time with their offspring than ever before. But the perception that family life suffers when a mother doesn’t work at home is still valid.  

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