“I need to be alone”: how to react?

“I need to be alone,” she says, but why?

Most women have this need to be with their partner at all times. Yet yours wants to be alone at all costs. “Why? That’s the first question you’ll probably have when you hear her say those three little words. The main mistake is to compare your relationship to others. Every woman and every love story is different. Even if your colleague has recently experienced this kind of situation, it doesn’t mean that his explanation is also yours. And it’s this misunderstanding that can make it difficult for you. So here are three reasons that may explain your partner’s need for solitude.

1- Stress

The first reason a woman asks to be alone is because she is stressed. The source of this stress may be the result of that famous problem in your history, but it may also be something that has really nothing to do with you and your relationship. Knowing you, your partner knows that if she talks to you about her problems, you will immediately try to find a solution. All she needs is someone who can listen and perhaps comfort her. In short, a shoulder to cry on.

Men in their nature are programmed to find a concrete solution to everything. They are unable to face a problem without absolutely wanting to find a solution. However, women are beings who do not necessarily want a precise solution to their problem. In order to face this problem, she will therefore want to withdraw a little to get over it. She will want a moment of solitude until she can smile again. To forget her worries, she will think about spending more time with her best friend, going shopping, going on a trip, etc. Women have this ability to quickly forget their pain after engaging in an activity they enjoy.

2- Routine

Most people who read my articles are looking for a long-term relationship. But you must understand that with time, you may not have many new projects, the passion is not the same and the boredom is more present than ever. And you may not realize it, but your story is not the same as before. Of course, we all want to find someone with whom you can build serious things. The one who wants to carry your children, the one who will say yes when you ask her to move in with you, but these steps can be very dangerous for your life as a couple.

If your partner feels a sudden urge to be alone, it may be due to this situation. Because of these habits rooted in your daily routine, this routine that is starting to wear her down, she probably wants to experience something new. But don’t panic, it doesn’t mean she wants to meet another man. She just needs to stimulate her life a little, to live other adventures. It doesn’t mean she wants to break up with you no matter what. It just means that she wants to change her habits a little. And this time she wants to do it on her own.

3- Happiness with another

That’s probably the answer you don’t want to hear. Yet when a woman suddenly says she needs to be alone (for example, if you haven’t had any problems) it may be because she has met someone else. You may not realize it, but over time you may not satisfy her or she may just not be happy in the relationship. My goal is not to scare you, but to make you see things as they are. Even if it’s an option you really don’t want to consider, it’s still important to think about it a little bit.

A woman in love who suddenly decides to distance herself and who no longer behaves as she used to, may indeed have met someone new. Beware, I am not telling you that your partner is spinning true love while you cry every night in bed. In most cases, women who are suddenly distant are those who need to reflect on their current relationship and project themselves on their life as a couple with a person they’ve fallen for lately but haven’t done anything with yet.

How do you behave?

The phrase “I want to be alone” may therefore hide an “I want to break up” or may simply mean “I want to be alone”. But while you are trying to find a plausible explanation for this story you may have found another way to fix the situation. So here are some tips on what to do if your girlfriend tells you that she needs to be alone.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Don’t leave as soon as your girlfriend tells you that she needs some time alone. I know this statement may come as a shock, but it doesn’t always mean she wants to break up. Before you lose your temper, start by trying to figure out what’s really going on in your relationship. Has there been a problem that you still haven’t been able to solve? Were you unfaithful and she can no longer trust you? Do you feel that she looks sad and that her joy of life has disappeared? All of these findings can give you a red flag. Always go through the introduction and development before attacking the conclusion.

Are you spending too much time together?

I would like to ask you to go back to your daily life: do you spend a lot of time together? Do you see each other every day? If you are not together, do you talk on the phone often? Do you take time to see your friends? Does she do the same? If you admit that you spend too much time together, then maybe it is really necessary to take a step back. The best couples are those who know that freedom is an important concept in love.

Talk to her

Do you want to know the real reason for this action? The only way to get answers is to talk to her. Ask her exactly what she wants. It’s important that both of you be honest so you can start off on the right foot. Even if you know exactly why you want to be alone, don’t try to fix things right away if your partner is not ready yet. The goal here is not to make her change her mind, but rather to understand where the problem is and how to fix it when the break is over.

Find out what you want

It’s not just about your girlfriend, it’s also (and most importantly) about you. If you both want this relationship to work again, base your story on something you both agree on. For example, give yourself one or two days off for a month. You don’t need to be glued together all the time. All you need to do is find a point that will make you both come out a winner. If your partner absolutely wants more space but you don’t want it…maybe it will never work. Your goals in life are clearly not the same. Is it worth continuing?

Give her some space

If you agree to give it some space, then you really need to do it. You won’t make it any better by smothering it any more. Instead of holding him, it will make him run away. Don’t send him any more messages, don’t call him. If you know he has a date with his friends, don’t deliberately barge into the restaurant where they’re supposed to meet. Also see your friends and try to enjoy the time you have to be alone as well.

Focus on yourself

I like people who always see the glass half full because they are the same people who will be able to find all the positive sides of a situation that is for some doomed to failure. When you offer them time, know that you are also offering time to yourself. So take advantage of this time to spend more time focusing on yourself. Make plans with your friends, do things you’ve always wanted to do, work on productive things, or just try to relax. Who knows? Maybe you needed this too, but haven’t figured it out yet. It’s good to spend time away from your loved ones. It may hurt at first, but you’ll find that it’s really healthy.

Be patient

This lack of the loved one, this urge to call him or her to find out what he or she is doing, will probably not disappear right away. But if you want this relationship to really come to a happy end, you need to work on your patience and give yourself time. It’s essential to be patient with your girlfriend if you think it’s really worth it. Give her enough space and especially enough time.

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