How to manage the beginning of a love relationship?

That’s it, you’re in a relationship. Okay, but don’t get carried away. The beginning of a relationship can be chaotic if you get it wrong. To avoid blunders and build a lasting relationship with your sweetheart, read all our advice on how to start a love relationship.

First message, first look, first kiss: with each new relationship, you start all over again. With those butterflies in the belly that distract us, stage fright, and the unknown, it’s hard to know how to go about it. We explain everything to you.

How to succeed in the beginning of a love relationship?

After your date on Saturday night, that’s all you think about. That’s him. Your crush and his lips delicately placed on yours. Calm down. Don’t immediately imagine your last date as the father of your children. 1/ You’ll freak out. 2/ He’s going to freak out.

At the beginning of a love relationship, you get to know the other person first. Unless you’re dating your best friend, then it’s likely that you know him well.

After the chemistry and attraction that pushed you into each other’s arms, it’s now time to find out if you are compatible in love.

We summarize: you avoid plans on the comet and you slowly get to know the other.

Finding one’s rhythm, the key to a successful start to a relationship

How often should we see each other? No secret there. It all depends on the context. Are you in the same class at college or a colleague at work? You might run into each other every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to date every night!

The ideal is to see each other often enough to create a link and not too much to avoid suffocating. 1 to 3 times a week, you follow?

After discovering each other, alone, you will open up to the outside world again. So comes the question of introducing yourself to your friends, and vice versa. Yes, you have friends, he has friends. Everyone has their group of friends and now that you’re dating, you’re going to have to figure out how to organize your social life.

So already, you don’t have to live glued to each other from the beginning of your love relationship. Then, you can take turns so that there is no jealousy. And if your boyfriend doesn’t want to come and see your friends, then maybe he’s not the right guy. Or you’re going to have to set the record straight.

Between your boyfriend, your girlfriend and their friends, you have a very busy schedule all of a sudden? Slow down if you feel the need. Since you’re going to avoid getting stuck on each other (see advice on starting a relationship beforehand), you should have some time for yourself. And that’s really important.

It’s important not to forget about each other in a relationship. You have to be yourself or your sweetheart may not find the girl he fell for in front of him. And if he fell for you, it’s because you’re GREAT, isn’t it?

Difficult start to a relationship, advice on how not to give in to panic
The first days/weeks/months of your love relationship are not going very well? Ask yourself the right questions.

It may be time to break up. But before you get there, you’ve weighed the pros and cons. Don’t leave your sweetheart on a whim and for trifles. Just because he likes soccer and you like rugby is not a good enough reason.

Either way, you will have to make concessions together to improve your relationship. And there’s no secret: communication is the key.

In short, to start a new love relationship in all serenity, find our file full of love tips.

Mistakes not to make at the beginning of a love relationship

Not choking each other is important, but it is not the only rule to follow. For a love relationship to start off on the right foot, you need to be ready for it. And to do this, you must have already grieved your previous relationship.

This new relationship is not supposed to fill a gap, only to bring you something, in any case the first few moments.

Afterwards, it’s best to be well in your sneakers. If it is to deceive boredom, or because you are in need of affection, or because you are afraid of not finding something better, it is surely not a good reason to start this relationship. Before you love this other person, you must love yourself. And that’s how you will find the right person.

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