How to be more attractive (according to science)

  • Show yourself mature

Women like them older. This is what some experts call the George Clooney effect: women are more attracted to older men when they become financially independent. Other studies relate it to power: if they perceive that the standard of living is higher (an expensive car, a luxurious house), so will be the level of attraction.

  • Be pleasant

This is a result related to both physique and personality. When 100 respondents were shown pictures of men and women, they confessed that they found people with pleasant features more attractive. It’s called the halo effect: a single characteristic is enough for someone to form a complete picture of you. Either way, what’s clear is that they like you if you’re a nice guy.

  • Grow a beard (of several days)

This conclusion doesn’t come as a surprise either. If a woman is given a choice between several men based on their shaving and facial hair alone, she’s likely to go for the one with the strong, multi-day beard.

  • Work your body (but not too much)

An anthropological leftover from our hunting days? Maybe it has more to do with fertility and evolution? Women prefer muscular men for short term relationships and muscular men for long term ones.

  • Boost your sense of humor

It’s not a cliché: if you make the person you like laugh, it will be easier for your connection to prosper. It is more relevant for women than for men; they give more importance to their own ability (or lack of it) to display their sense of humor.

  • Talk about your feelings

An Australian research on speed dating yielded a curious result: men who show emotional intelligence, who are able to accept their feelings and talk about them, are more attractive. Maybe it’s that mindulfness thing.

  • Smells good

It’s obvious, isn’t it? Your fragrance and body odor can awaken even hidden instincts in the person you like, and using intense perfumes and deodorants will make you more attractive and confident.

  • Watch your body language

Being expressive and showing that you trust your body language is also an advantage when it comes to flirting. According to a study based on dating profile pictures, women prefer expansive postures, such as opening their arms or reaching out to grab something. So now you know: don’t cross your arms.

  • Be positive and confident

If you boost your positive, confident, assertive and proud of your accomplishments, you’ll score big points. Who wants to date a chard?

  • Show solidarity

Another conclusion drawn from research on dating platforms. One of the characteristics that both men and women appreciate the most for short and lasting relationships is that you perform volunteer activities.

  • Wear bright colors

According to a 2010 study with participants from different countries, women prefer you to wear red.

  • Get a mascot

It’s a trait that humanizes even men perceived as tougher. Maybe pets bring out the best in you, your most tender side and your love for nature.

  • Learn to play the guitar

Did you think that singing ‘Wonderwall’ on the guitar was out of fashion? Well, you’re right, it’s no longer in fashion, but they like it when you play a musical instrument. The appeal of the romantic and bohemian artist?

  • Practice risky sports

Be careful, we don’t want an upset! If risky sports are your thing, enhance your hobbies to conquer the person you like.

  • Show off your scars

One last tip: Did you think no one was interested in that scar on your chin from when you fell off your bike? Tell him the story.

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