First appointment : The 10 common mistakes women make

1 Being too sticky and too interested

First of all, you must understand that a first date is the ideal opportunity to get to know each other better. He will try to discover you. This is not the time to reveal your faults to him. That’s why you need to be more detached and relaxed. Don’t be too demanding, or you risk scaring him away. Avoid showing too much interest. On the contrary, make him understand that he will have to use all his weapons of seduction to conquer you. To do this, you need a little bit of self-confidence. After the meeting, give it time. He will eventually contact you if he likes you. Calling or texting him is a serious mistake.

2 Having your eyes fixed on your phone

Ladies, stop staring at your phone all the time! It’s the least polite thing to do. This is no time to chat with your sister or best friend. You can brief her on the situation later. For now, focus on that beautiful stranger who can become your soul mate. Pay more attention to him or her. It’s the only way to get to know him or her better and to understand his or her true intentions.

3 Refusing to let him pay the bill

Paying the bill on the first date is a sort of golden rule for most seducers. For them, it is a way to show their gallantry and their ability to offer protection and security to a woman. However, it should not be generalized. Some men do not follow this kind of rule. They prefer to share the bill, especially when things have not gone well. So keep your wallet handy. If he decides to pay the bill, just thank him. If not, don’t judge him. After all, you don’t know him yet.

4 Pretending to be someone else

During this first meeting, your handsome suitor hopes to get to know you better. Avoid playing a character for the sole purpose of seducing him/her. When he realizes your lies, he will move away from you. This is a sure thing. He will consider your little game as a betrayal. On the other hand, know that no one is perfect. If he loves you, he must also accept your faults. So, if you don’t like soccer, there is no need to say that you are a big fan of the club. Even if you don’t share the same interests, it shouldn’t hurt your relationship. All you have to do is make a compromise. Just as you will be ready to watch a soccer game with him, he will willingly accept to go shopping with you.

5 Talking too much

Talking without stopping is the ugliest flaw in women. Certainly, the atmosphere will be more relaxed if you are a little talkative. You can break the ice. However, avoid talking too much. You’ll end up exasperating her. Also, learn to listen to her. You have to pay a little attention to him. Also take the opportunity to admire him and detect his signs of interest. In addition, you will have other opportunities to share your opinions on the various topics discussed. Let him or her say a few words anyway!

6 Flirting with someone else

It’s a colossal mistake that you may have to pay dearly for. By doing so, you openly humiliate the person who invited you. Of course, you are not yet in a relationship and you have no commitment to keep. However, it deserves respect. Imagine your reaction if he or she does this to you. If you’re bored because the power isn’t flowing, consider cutting the meeting short.

7 Arriving late

Punctuality is a sign of respect. It is true that you need time to prepare and that men are usually patient. However, make some effort. If you arrive on time and look great, you’ll get a shower of compliments. Moreover, you have a great chance to conquer it.

8 Talking about your ex

Talking about your love life on the first date is forbidden. The other person will think that you haven’t moved on yet. On the other hand, it is quite embarrassing to be faced with a person who gives an account of his or her disappointment in love or who flaunts the qualities of his or her former lover.

9 Rushing

By accepting to answer his invitation, you know what you expect from this man. However, it is not on this first date that you will tell him everything. At this stage of the relationship, you should not yet be talking about marriage, children or meeting between families. Do not think that he will settle down after this first meeting!

10 Lying

A lasting relationship is not based on a lie. That’s why we recommend that you remain honest in every respect. If you have small breasts, don’t think about wearing a padded bra. You’ll give them false hope. Moreover, he must appreciate you as you are.

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