Dealing with shyness during a romantic meeting

Are you shy and reserved? Here are a few tips to start a conversation on a first date!

You have found, on a serious dating site, a person who suits you, and you have decided to go on a date, it is an excellent evolution in a relationship. However, during this first meeting, you do not know how to start a conversation or what topic to talk about, you are shy, do not hesitate, prepare yourself in advance so as not to meet a bump in the road.

The way of speaking that you should adopt

meet-the-men-timid During the first few minutes of the meeting, you must be able to be yourself, and above all adopt a natural style. Don’t try to imitate the style of an actor or popular character, or try to be someone you are not. By remaining yourself you will show your true personality, both real and direct to the person in front of you. Avoid hesitant words and phrases or expressions that are too superficial, as this could tarnish your image. On the contrary, use simple expressions, and know how to use humor when necessary. The most important thing to remember is to remain polite. Always stay polite, this way you will make a good impression (see our article how to make a good impression) and you will look more natural with the person you are meeting.

Topics for conversation

The second act lies in the topics of conversation to be discussed. If you have a good way of speaking you will be able to identify the person speaking to you very easily, but also to become familiar with your discussion. In general, start a basic discussion after meeting each other. This basic discussion consists of identifying the person in front of you. You can, for example, start the conversation by talking about your respective lives, avoid talking too much about work and exes, as this could ruin the atmosphere, and instead talk about your respective tastes and general activities. Engaging in this conversation can make the discussion easier, but it can also get the flow of communication flowing more quickly. In order to facilitate the discussion, and to completely put aside your shyness, you can also talk about the habits you have when the person suddenly talks about his or her habits. Revealing some of his good habits requires good timing, talking about them at the wrong time could cause a feeling of misunderstanding.

The tone for discussion

As soon as you start a conversation, always use a familiar but polite tone. The familiar tone will bring your situation closer to his and hers and will soften the atmosphere. Too formal a tone could put a distance in your conversations which could ruin the meeting. Among other things, in order not to have a problem in the discussion, practice talking with yourself in front of a mirror in case you are shy or if you have a small problem initiating the discussion.

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