8 Psychological reasons why married men seek mistresses, he deserves it

  • Does a man need to have as many women as possible?

Do men need more relationships than women? Is that the reason why married men look for mistresses even though they love their wives? The great truth is that they just need to give each other more affection. All a person is looking for is the reassuring glow of a person with good self-esteem.

Some say that a strong, well-formed man needs to spread his seed and propagate his genes. But not all men think like that. So why do married men look for mistresses? There are many stories of married men with mistresses and they are all very different.

A man’s reproductive fitness is improved by meeting many women. For he doesn’t have to carry a fetus for nine months. Women do well in their reproductive fitness when they select a strong male to reproduce with.

  • A psychological reason why married men seek mistresses: he has been mistreated.

When a man has been abused as a child his adult behavior can be toxic. Physical and emotional abuse as a child has serious consequences as an adult. As an adult he may not realize or value his bad reactions.

He may not be able to make a solid commitment to a person, nor to himself. For this reason, he may feel pushed to continue looking for comfort in another woman. But nothing will work until he frees himself from his traumas on his own initiative.

  • He does not know himself well, he acts with a lot of insecurity.

His emotional life is very poor, there is total chaos in his inner dialogue and emotional life. This makes him feel inadequate, too young, too old, ugly, poor, fat, too attractive, etc.

One of the reasons why some married men seek lovers is to supplement their insecurity. They cannot give themselves or commit fully to any one person. He will continue to seek and relate to different women looking for the affection he needs.

  • A man with a big ego feels he deserves more than one woman.

One reason why married men have younger lovers is that they get bored with the same woman. Testosterone makes a man competitive since childhood, he always wants to be the winner, the dominant one. As an adult, this competitiveness is reflected in his relationships.

A relationship between a man with a high ego and a woman with low self-esteem means total misunderstanding and imbalance. Love fades because each one gives what he/she thinks is convenient, not what his/her partner needs.

  • He is addicted to the reward of immediate pleasure and goes out to seek it.

People addicted to alcohol, tobacco, drugs or easy women have trouble making decisions. They need some substance or action to disinhibition themselves and feel free and happy.

These people may have trouble communicating about their love tastes with their partner. In this case, looking for a mistress works as a way to free themselves.

These married men fall in love with their mistresses because of the freedom they feel to manifest their masculinity. Addiction is a powerful reason why married men seek mistresses.

  • He has married to have a family, not to be faithful to a woman.

Many married men never intend to be monogamous. They marry because they consider it important to have children, but they do not understand fidelity. For them fidelity is a sacrifice that does not bring them profit, happiness, achievement.

Married men seek to have lovers because they see fidelity and monogamy as alien to their nature. They could be monogamous, they could love their wife more, but they cannot accept it.

  • An immature married man has no scruples about being unfaithful.

An immature person does not value honesty, he cannot even be honest with himself. Immaturity is why married men look for mistresses. They think that if the wife doesn’t know about it, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

An immature person understands nothing about body language. The way they act can give them away but they deny it, they fight to be right. They do not even realize when the problems reach their critical point and when this happens they adopt the position of victims.

  • Their expectations of their wives are unreasonable

A married man, besides having a very strong ego, may have narcissistic feelings, all for himself. Therefore, such a man will demand that his every desire and whim be satisfied instantly.

When he comes home, not only must the food be ready, the clothes clean and the house tidy. His wife must also be very pretty and ready to please him if he feels like it.

Since this cannot always happen the way he likes it, his alternative is to find a mistress. And if he already has one, these things are useful for the lies of married men to their mistresses.

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