7 things, what we say with our eyes when we are in love

  • Many times, the reciprocal look is a sign of love.

For many people, the face shows the signs of the soul, especially with the eyes. Therefore, what we say with our eyes has a very strong emotional meaning. Through our eyes we can tell if we are tired, sad, happy, in love or desperate.

The eyes give expression to our face and through them we transmit what we are inside. Maybe that is why they say that love is a secret that the eyes do not know how to keep. The light that transmits the look of a man in love is unmistakable, it cannot dissimulate.

  • The eyes are the most important part of non-verbal language.

The verbal language of the eyes is unmistakable. We can hide our gestures, keep silent and not say what we feel. We can pretend, but as soon as we look at the one we love, we will give away our feelings.

What we can express with our eyes is infinite. Many people develop so much ability to express themselves with their eyes that they have an enormous power of persuasion. Even to see the sincerity of a person we make sure to look well at his eyes.

  • When a man looks and his pupil dilates, it means a lot of interest.

Men and women, what we say with our eyes can be seen in the size of our pupils. If something interests us, our pupils dilate because we pay more attention, we make an effort to look better.

In addition, a person with a larger pupil looks attractive, more attractive. That is to say, when we are interested in another person we also become more interesting. Looking with a lot of interest makes us more seductive.

  • What we say with our eyes can be very misleading.

In general, the meaning of the looks of a man towards a woman are interest, love, affection and desire. But not always, because people who know the meaning of the language of the eyes can pretend.

It is true that liars do not look into the eyes, but this happens only with the inexperienced. People who handle lying well can lie even with their eyes.

People who seek benefits through lying put a lot of energy into their gaze. The objective is to convince, with their body language, that something is not true.

  • A look can have so much power to excite.

In some cases what we say with our eyes can be very exciting for the other person. It is possible that you want that reaction, but it all depends on the interpretation of the person looking at you.

Everyone interprets a look according to the context of the moment. If a stranger looks at us insistently and for a long time we may feel threatened, afraid or distressed.

But what happens if we interpret a look as an invitation to maintain intimate relations? If it is your moment you can get excited and if it is not, you may get angry, but the excitement will be there.

  • When a man looks at you a lot he may be declaring his love for you.

Love begins with a simple look. For example, love at first sight is more frequent than we imagine. It is much simpler to say “I love you” with the eyes than with words.

We can train our way of looking, so that there is no doubt in what we say with our eyes.

  1. If you look at someone for more than a second and that person holds your gaze, he or she may be interested in you.
  2. When you look away and look back, that person will assume you are interested.
  3. If you maintain eye contact and smile, you can initiate a confident approach.
  4. If they look away and don’t look back at you, it means they don’t reciprocate your interest.
  • A smile can be deceiving, but the eyes reveal whether it is honest or fake.

It is easy to smile to pretend happiness. With a smile you can communicate tranquility, happiness, security and make you feel these emotions. But there are fake smiles. Many people want to hide their true emotions with a smile.

But no one can give what they don’t have. A fake smile cannot be kept for long. Besides, when a person is sincerely happy, his eyes get slanted and crow’s feet are formed to the extreme.

The problem with falling in love with a person who pretends to be happy is dependency. He will not take responsibility for his happiness, he will force you to behave in a certain way to make him happy.

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