7 signs that your relationship is unhealthy

1/ A lack of communication

Communication is the key to any good, healthy and lasting relationship. Even during your disputes, it remains essential! Lack of communication can come in many forms: from not communicating regularly enough about the little things you experience in your daily life, to not communicating about important events and things. In any case it is important to remedy it quickly! Share, exchange, discover!

2/ Too much distance in your relationship

Distance is important and necessary to any good relationship: it is essential to let both of you breathe, to take time for yourself. However, if the distance becomes greater, or the frequency of your absences increases, then be sure that something is wrong! Try to find out what’s causing it, and to discern if things shouldn’t stop there for both of you?

3/ No common points

Yes, opposites attract each other, and difference is a richness in a relationship. And you certainly don’t have to go out with the male/female version of yourself… But having common interests can provide a solid foundation for your relationship! And it becomes difficult to hold out over time when there are few or almost no shared interests or values… Especially in terms of your conversations, which will quickly become sterile or conflictual!

4/ A lack of passion

The loss of passion, or its total absence, is a sign that your relationship is not doing well on a sentimental level! No more romance, you no longer keep the flame of your love alive? This can usually happen over time. Indeed, when the relationship is prolonged over time, it becomes difficult to maintain the passion of the beginnings. And yet it is important to maintain it at the risk of seeing your relationship get bogged down in a destructive routine for your love over the long term.

Beware, we don’t have to love each other passionately all the time! After 15 years of living together, we are not going to jump into each other’s arms when we go home in the evening. But a small flame from time to time is important for the good understanding of the couple!

5/ A loss of motivation

Your relationship is doomed to failure if one (or both!) of you loses the motivation to move your relationship forward, through its ups and downs. A loss of motivation is recognized when even the simplest things seem difficult to do… Or worse, a real waste of time! So if this is the case, remember that these efforts are worthwhile and necessary if you want your relationship to continue to progress and last over time.

6/ You lock yourself into sterile debates
Healthy arguing is possible! It means listening to what your significant other has to say, and respecting his or her opinion, which may differ from yours. But it becomes unhealthy when you stop listening to each other and stand your ground. But all relationships are about compromise! Because a relationship focuses on the needs and desires of the two people in the couple!
7/ A lack of respect
Respect is the cornerstone of any truly good relationship (along with, of course, trust). And this, from the first day of the relationship until the last. It should not be something that is lost over time! Lack of respect can range from not listening to and considering the other person’s opinions, to not showing love and kindness. Do you lack respect and consideration for your significant other? Or conversely, is he/she disrespecting you? If so, this is definitely a sign that something is wrong in your relationship.

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