11 signs that prove you’re really in love

1) You can’t go a day without thinking about your loved one.
If you are constantly thinking about her or him and can no longer concentrate at work, there is no doubt that you are overflowing with love for your darling!

2) You love her flaws, or at least you try to
If his flaws still make you smile and you even begin to appreciate them (or you try hard…)! You’re well and truly caught up in the spiral of love!

3) You laugh at all her jokes
If every time your darling comes out with a joke that is more or less successful and you can’t help but laugh! You are well taken by a great disease called: Love!

4) You imagine yourself in Titanic
If you listen to the music of “Titanic” on a loop in your room and imagine yourself saving him in the most amazing way possible, you are either… completely sick or madly in love! ?

5) You circle all the important dates in your calendar
If you’ve circled all of your couple’s birthdays on your calendar until next year! I have the honor and the great pleasure to announce that you are madly in love with your new (and very organized) love ?

6) You can’t help smiling as soon as you receive a message.
If you run to your cell phone when you receive a message and smile as soon as you see its name on the screen, there is no doubt about it: you are in love!

7) You never stop sharing photos of you as a couple on social networks.
If you don’t stop posting on social networks photos of your couple full of love to death and your friends can’t take it anymore! You’re in seventh heaven! (If you want to keep them to yourself, you’re of course too!)

8) Your sms are always paving stones
If your sms are always cobblestones and you notice that your darling always pays great attention to his spelling when he writes to you, it is because your love relationship is passionate and you are always in a phase of seduction!

9) He or she has agreed to put on his or her Facebook status “in couple” with you
If your sweetheart has accepted to be in a couple with you on Facebook for all to see, it is because he is madly in love with you and he is not afraid to show it to everyone around him! Your darling accepts you as you are and is proud to be a couple with you!

10) You think about your darling before you sleep
If you think about your darling before you go to sleep, it’s because you want only one thing: to find him or her in your dreams!

11) You only dream of one thing: finishing your life together
If you imagine yourselves together in the near and distant future, it doesn’t only mean that you are madly in love with each other, but maybe you’ve found the right person!

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