Where to go on holiday in 2023? Trending destinations

The list of the best destinations for the New Year is finally in your hands. Which of these destinations will you visit first? Discover them all and go with Tramundi!

The New Year has only just begun. That means it is already time to think about where to go on holiday in 2023.

But when has Spain ever not been a trend destination? Every year is good to go on a trip to Spain, each time discovering a different region. The latest explored is Andalusia, which has given us a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Alhambra, a medieval palace-fortress in the city of Granada. And what about the Canary Islands, protagonists of these last few years of short-haul travel: here the sun shines 365 days a year, in the words of our guide Carlos!

We have all dreamed at least once in our lives of flying over the lunar landscape of Cappadocia in a hot-air balloon. Why not make this wish a reality this very year? Take a trip to Turkey with us: relax in the thermal baths of Pamukkale, stay overnight in the cave houses of Göreme and star in your favourite soap opera in the streets of Istanbul. And if you’re wondering where to go on holiday in August 2023, we recommend you consider our boat holidays departing from Bodrum.

United Arab Emirates
Despite the end of the EXPO, international tourism doesn’t seem to be losing interest in the city of Dubai. And who can blame him: climb to the top of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping in the Dubai Mall, cruise Dubai Creek aboard a traditional dhow and relax on the public Jumeirah Beach. But your trip to the UAE doesn’t end here: don’t miss the capital Abu Dhabi where you can visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum.

One of our 2023 resolutions is to complete the collection of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. And what better time to take a trip to Jordan, where the wonder city of Petra is located. Start the journey on horseback, walk into the Siq and reach the entrance to the Treasury. Not only that: Jordan is also about floating in the waters of the Dead Sea, sleeping in the desert of Wadi Rum and discovering the art of mosaics in Madaba.

Our adventure in the dunes continues in the Sahara desert, with a trip to Morocco. Here we are welcomed by the Bedouin community with a dinner of traditional dishes cooked in the sand. And what could be better than an accompaniment of mint tea, served in the best restaurants in the Medina of Marrakech. Once you have recharged your batteries, off to a surfing lesson on the coast of Essaouira!

We don’t give up. This year, too, we want to go on an aurora borealis trip and succeed in the feat of witnessing this natural spectacle (in the front row). Whether it’s above the city of Tromsø, from the window of the Flåmsbana or from the remote Lofoten Islands: Norway is among the best destinations for spotting the northern lights. Even more so if you set off on a trip in the winter months, from September to March, when the display time is longer than usual and starts at 18:00 hours.