Travel: the 6 best destinations to visit in 2023

Every year has its trends, and this also applies to travel and destinations to visit in 2023. Whether you are a lover of relaxation or adventure, culture or nightlife, you will find the right inspiration in this article.

Turkey is the ideal place if you are looking for magic, a country perfect for all seasons. A unique destination with thousands of years of history, its dreamy destinations can win the heart of any traveller: from young adventurers to romantic honeymooners. The rock-carved landscape draws a fairytale setting amidst mountains and majestic archaeological sites. With its fixed destinations such as Istanbul, the Fairy Chimneys, Ephesus and the Lycian Way, it has earned a place among the best places to visit in 2023.

What to see in Turkey?
The most popular stop is Istanbul, which we have discussed in more detail in this article.
Ancient Byzantium is a city with a peculiar, long and troubled history: it has hosted the court of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Roman Empire, seen Christians and Muslims pray, and welcomed traders and soldiers. Today, the city presents itself as an advanced metropolis offering all the services and amenities typical of Europe’s largest capitals. The grand bazaar is the pearl of this city together with its blue mosque. Unforgettable sunsets over the Bosphorus, along with alleyways to be discovered.

Less well known than Istanbul, but at the same time with a very high potential, is Bodrum, the perfect destination for those who want to fully experience the culture and traditions of this country, without renouncing leisure. This pearl of the Aegean, with its crystal-clear sea, offers beautiful beaches and a seafront promenade full of clubs and restaurants for those in search of nightlife. A highlight of the trip is the imposing monumental tomb that Queen Artemisia had built in 350 B.C. for her husband Mausulus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Another attraction not to be missed in Bodrum is the medieval Castle of the Knights of St. John, an example of medieval architecture located in the centre of the old harbour, now housing the archaeological museum of the sea. Bodrum is also the birthplace of the caiques, the typical Turkish boats used to organise charming cruises to discover the Greek islands.

One of the most popular tourist destinations, Greece conquers millions of tourists every year. The reason? It offers a journey of art and beauty, suitable for every budget and unique in the world, where tourists lack nothing.

Cradle of our civilisation, Greece satisfies every desire: relaxation by the sea in the mountains or on the islands, tranquillity, culture, discovery and adventure, without neglecting entertainment. Don’t miss the temples with their millennial history, true artistic masterpieces of the ancient world, starting with the famous Acropolis.

What to see in Greece?
Athens is the ideal destination for a weekend getaway. For art and history enthusiasts and curious travellers, it is paradise par excellence. From the Parthenon, to the Acropolis, to the Agora: outstanding archaeological sites, spectacular to admire even at sunset, among hills, paths and unrepeatable views as far as the sea. Not only a cultural destination, Athens is also perfect for the food and wine on offer, with its varied and distinctive Mediterranean cuisine. Popular ingredients include the famous olive oil of Greek origin, fish, lamb and a wide variety of vegetables such as aubergines, courgettes, tomatoes and peppers.

Greece is undoubtedly one of the destinations to visit in 2023; its 6,000 islands are Mediterranean pearls divided into several archipelagos, each with its own

The most famous is the Cyclades archipelago, renowned for its barren landscape, enchanting sea and typical blue and white houses photographed on every postcard. Among the best known islands are: Santorini, Mykonos and Naxos. These are followed by the Ionian Islands, bathed by the sea of the same name, and the Dodecanese, located opposite Turkey. Finally, we find the Saronic archipelago, near Athens, and the Sporades archipelago, with its islands rich in vegetation bathed by the waters of an emerald sea.

The golden sandy beaches of Cyprus are among the most popular destinations in 2023. An ideal stopover for a summer holiday, but also perfect for those who need to carve out a relaxing moment during the year. There are numerous excursions you can take in Cyprus. We have selected three of particular interest:

The Archaeological Park of Kato Paphos
One of the city’s major historical sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this park will captivate you with its Roman patrician villas, ancient mosaics, the shell floor at the entrance to the House of Dionysus and the amphitheatre. These attractions alone are worth the cost of the ticket, which also gives you the opportunity to visit the park freely for as long as you wish, to fully enjoy the beauty of the Hellas and its ruins dating back even to prehistoric times.

The Tombs of the Kings
A World Heritage Site, this ancient burial site full of charm is easily reached by walking along the coastal road out of Paphos. The Tombs of the Kings are not only one of the city’s main attractions, but also the most famous archaeological site in Cyprus, which you can visit and explore in person. Interesting to know that these tombs, despite their name, were not actually intended for nobles but for prominent members of the local community and testify to the ancient belief that the resting place of the dead was meant to reflect their prestige in life.

The ‘ghost town
A must-visit location in Cyprus is Varosha: a seaside resort that was abandoned after the Turkish invasion in 1974, and for this reason renamed the ‘ghost town’. After so many years, it is once again possible to visit this district that has stood still in time, where the absence of human life has led nature to dominate abandoned buildings and streets, giving the entire area a ghostly appearance.

If you’re looking for a luxurious tour, Dubai can literally take your breath away: a superlative place, from international cuisine to world-record-breaking skyscrapers to luxury shopping, everything is possible here. If you want to live a daydream, you are in the right place. A ‘city of a thousand and one nights’ where you will encounter continuous landscape contrasts of modernity and tradition: from deserts and water parks to skyscrapers and white sandy beaches.

What to do during a stay in Dubai?
Definitely not to be missed are: a visit to the modern area, which includes iconic structures such as the Burj Al Arab and the Burj khalifa; a visit to the spice market; an excursion to Abu Dhabi with a visit to the Sheikh Zayed mosque; and desert excursions by 4WD with dinner in a tent.

United States
Do you also want to live the American dream? The United States is the ideal destination if you are planning a long trip. With its 6 million kilometres of roads, this country has a thousand different facets: from red rock canyons, through huge national parks, boundless swamps, towering peaks, to sandy beaches. There really is so much, too much to see in the USA! We suggest you get off to a great start:

Visit the Grand Canyon
The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the country’s main attractions. It covers almost 5,000 km² and contains geological wonders sculpted by the Colorado River over the course of several millennia, which can be admired by walking along the Rim Trail. Outdoors, the landscapes and nature surrounding the park are extremely picturesque and characteristic of the mountainous areas of the States.

A visit to New York
A visit to the city is a must on a trip to the States. This bustling megalopolis is studded with historical, tourist and cultural sites. To name a few: the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. The Manhattan skyline is one of the most beautiful and romantic views in the world. The atmosphere in the ‘Big Apple’ is something unique and unrepeatable, to be experienced both day and night. Tip: to fully experience the culture of New York, buy tickets to a Broadway musical and take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

A dip in Niagara Falls
Although they are not among the highest in Canada or the United States (at ‘only’ 52 metres high), they offer an epic spectacle that makes one feel truly small. The most famous excursion is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise to the base of the falls, where you will be enchanted to admire the power with which the water crashes over the rocks below. Highly recommended is the Cave of the Winds guided walk to the Hurricane Deck, a vantage point from which to admire the full power of the American Bridal Veil Falls. For the more daring, there is the Falls Incline Railway: a funicular railway suspended 67 metres above the ground that provides an adrenalin rush for those who want to enjoy the spectacle of the falls from an incredible perspective.

But there is still so much more to see in the United States! The French Quarter in New Orleans, Monument Valley, Route 66, Yellowstone National Park… The ideal thing to do is to opt for a combined trip that allows you to stop off in as many different locations and visit as many attractions as possible!

If you want to escape from everyday stress and treat yourself to a memorable trip, then you should opt for the Maldives, the holiday to be taken at least once in a lifetime. An earthly paradise for heat-seekers, it is warm here all year round and you can treat yourself to a summer holiday even during the winter months, amid blue water lagoons and coral reefs inhabited by the world’s most colourful fish.

Treat yourself to the most beautiful sunset on an island
Apart from relaxing on islands and atolls floating on the expanse of turquoise water, there is so much to do in the Maldives: Strolls through the streets of Malè with its fish market; a stroll along the waterfront where you can refresh yourself with a coconut; a visit to the quaint little shops in Himmafushi where you can buy handicrafts; and for the more adventurous, a dive in the waters of the Indian Ocean where you can enjoy the spectacle of turtles, stingrays, manta rays and white tip sharks circling the reef.

There are so many destinations to visit in 2023! If you need to clear your head.