The biggest mistakes newly divorced women make

No matter what the reasons, divorce is always a difficult and painful experience. After all, there is a huge emptiness and sadness. And we often start to question whether the decision was the right one, asking ourselves all sorts of questions and so on.

What not to do to avoid making this period even harder for yourself?

Calls and messages to your ex
Even if you miss him very much, don’t write or call him. Give yourself a few days to think things over and answer the question: “Do I have anything to say to him?”

By the way, the same applies to things that have not been fully resolved between the two of them. Wait until emotions have calmed down a little and then deal with the matters that concern you.

Finding comfort in food
After a break-up, a huge serving of chocolate ice cream may seem like the ultimate antidepressant. Don’t let comfort-seeking in food become a habit. In the long run, not only will it not help you fight sadness, but it will also ruin your figure. Do you really want to be not only unhappy but also gain a few extra kilos?

Finding comfort in alcohol
It’s likely that you’ll want to go to a loud party to heal your broken heart and forget about it, if only for a while. That’s not a bad idea, as long as you don’t do anything stupid (for example, calling him at 3am) and you can control your behaviour. Parties to help you forget and distract yourself are normal. The important thing is that it does not become your daily routine and that it does not lead you into a cycle of drinking.

One night adventures
Some girlfriends, seeing your distress, may suggest that you find a partner for one night. This can be particularly tempting if you have been drinking too much alcohol. Stop! Such adventures will make you feel even worse, especially if you have little memory of anything.

Resuming a relationship with an “ex”
You’ve just got divorced and you’re lonely. You miss understanding and just having a person around. You are beginning to feel that you can experience it all again with someone you once loved. Even more so if he or she has no other half now.

Don’t fool yourself. Remember that your relationship with your “ex” didn’t end for no reason, there was a reason. Do you want to remember everything? After all, you can’t fall into the same river twice. Resuming such a relationship will bring more pain than comfort.

Publicising the reason for the divorce
Even if you are fiercely resentful, try not to drag other people into it. Of course, venting grievances to your best friend is healing, but telling the most physical contact things left and right is not only upsetting to other people, it is also a sign of bad taste.

Sometimes the thought of revenge can seem very sweet. But remember – revenge is a very destructive thing. When you take revenge on someone else, you are poisoning your own soul. Try to be dignified and strong. It looks good from the outside and boosts your self-confidence, which you need now.