The best destinations of 2023: the top 5

We take the magic sphere and tell you which are the 15 best destinations to go to in 2023: this is where you should plan your next trip!

Even the travel industry has its trends: every year there are more or less visited destinations. Some places, which nobody considered until a few years ago, have quickly become the most popular destination for all travellers. We give you our very personal ranking: some destinations we already know and will continue to love, others are small, new gems of rare beauty.

Where will your compass be pointed?

Japan is one of those destinations that never goes out of fashion. Just think that in 2019 it welcomed an impressive 31.8 million visitors, making it one of the most popular destinations in the whole of Asia. Take note because in 2023 it will be back on the crest of the wave as, after two years of closure, Tokyo, Kyoto and the other beautiful cities of the Land of the Rising Sun are finally ready to welcome tourists from all over the world. We can’t wait to catapult ourselves there!

If Japan is on your 2023 bucket list, we’ll give you a piece of advice: in addition to the best-known cities, try to spend some time on the lesser-known islands. Aim for the prefecture of Okinawa, the archipelago of islands to the south of Japan where the sea is reminiscent of the Caribbean. Alternatively, head north: on the island of Hokkaido, nature is king, with geysers, lakes, hot springs and mountains with various trekking routes. Two little-visited gems: better hurry!

You were expecting Dubai on this list, weren’t you? Instead, we, staying on the Arabian Peninsula, recommend a less popular but equally fascinating destination for this 2023, Oman. This country is a real hidden gem (in our opinion for a little while longer) and we advise you to be smart and go there before it is taken by storm by mass tourism.

But what is so special about Oman? Isn’t there just scorching heat and sand dunes? No! Well yes, there are, but you can also see much, much more. First of all, the dunes are not only yellow sand, but also white and very fine sand… let’s just say you can walk on Sugar Dunes. And then there is Pink Lake (a pink lake… pink, get it?!) and Ras al Jinz, a beach that has become a Green Turtle Reserve. Prefer to soak your feet in turquoise water? There are the paradisiacal Daymaniyat Islands. And finally, we cannot forget Muscate (or Muscat), the charming capital, rich in history and tradition and without a single skyscraper.

If we say Lapland, do you immediately think of Father Christmas? OK, we get it. But did you know that this beautiful region is also the one with the highest number of Northern Lights appearances? Well, that’s already a good reason to put it at the top of the list of destinations to visit in 2023!

Going into a little more detail, this area is spread across four states, namely Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. We suggest you go there between September and March and choose between Sweden and Finland (or maybe stop in both, who are we to curb your thirst for adventure). We assure you that they are both good alternatives to the more traveled Iceland and will not leave you disappointed. Around Rovaniemi, Finland, you can visit Santa’s village (so your inner child will be happy) and go snowshoeing, in Inari you will walk on a frozen lake and in Saariselkä you will sleep in an igloo room. In Sweden, on the other hand, go to Jukkasjä if you want to sleep in an ice room, to Abisko to maximise your hopes of seeing the aurora (there is no light pollution here and precipitation is scarce) and Kiruna to go on a beautiful…. safari!

The Azores, also known as the Hawaii of Europe, have made their way onto the list of destinations to go to in 2023, having gained popularity in recent years. Indeed, these islands are close enough to be easily accessible, but at the same time far enough away to enjoy mild temperatures all year round. Moreover, despite being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, they are part of Portugal, so you don’t even need a passport!

The Azores really do please everyone, because each of the archipelago’s nine islands has its own peculiarities. They range from the island of São Miguel with its Ponta Delgada, a cosmopolitan city, to Faial, known as the blue island because of the colour of its numerous hydrangeas, via Pico, the perfect place for whale watching. We won’t name them all (if you want to find out more you can read the article on the 7 must-sees in the Azores) but trust us, if you are looking for a place where you can recharge your batteries while being in contact with nature, without giving up any comforts, these islands are really for you!

We continue with a country that is perhaps still little visited but full of charm, India, which in our opinion deserves a place on the list of the best travel destinations of 2023. An iridescent, vibrant land, oozing history from every corner, which will fill your eyes and heart with its warmth. Given its vastness, you won’t be able to see everything at once. Since we are good, we leave here the stops that for us cannot be missed on your next trip.

We definitely start with the Taj Mahal. We may be trite, but there is a reason it is one of the 7 wonders of the world. While you are there, visit Agra, a rich and lively city. Continue on to Orchha and its nostalgic and poignant beauty, and then on to Varanasi, where you will breathe in an air of spirituality and devotion. Continue on to Delhi, which will probably also have been your starting point, and immerse yourself in the chaotic capital. Saying goodbye to India will be difficult at that point, but hey, you can always come back, because many other places await you, such as Jaipur, the pink city, and Jodhpur, the blue city.