The 5 most beautiful Sicilian islands

Sicily’s islands for dream holidays
The thousands of shades of blue of the splendid sea, the warm gold of the sun, the red of the sunsets, the green of the vegetation: everything is magic when you travel among the most beautiful islands of Sicily, corners of paradise resting on the waters that embrace the depths and beauty of the Mediterranean from Italy. Let us discover them together.

From the beauty of Pantelleria, admired by tourists from all over the world, to the wild atmosphere of Favignana, from the rocky and breathtaking panorama of Lampedusa, to the most beautiful beaches of Ustica, all the way to the top of the crater of the island of Vulcano. The most beautiful islands to visit in Sicily are a great, incredible wonder.

Only 70 kilometres off the coast of Tunisia, Pantelleria is a true masterpiece of nature. Among its most remarkable features, in fact, is the combination of the many small and large peculiarities of its territory. On this island, one can observe the work that Mother Nature has forged over time, such as tables of lava flows, stacks and creeks, which combine with man-made works. Among the latter are the so-called ‘giardini panteschi’, cylindrical constructions in lava stone that both reclaimed the land and protected the citrus trees, planted directly inside them, from the salt and wind. The ‘dammusi’, on the other hand, are very particular buildings, cubic in shape, with white arches and domes, designed in the past to collect the precious rainwater. In short, among the island’s natural and historical wonders, Pantelleria is a place to discover and fall in love with at first sight, savouring its perfumes and beauty and diving into the blue of its crystal-clear sea.

Favignana is an island in the Egadi Islands, off the coast of Trapani. It has been part of the archipelago’s nature reserve for over 30 years and is a perfect combination of history, nature, modern comforts and dream beaches. Characterised by its rugged coastline, full of coves and caves, it is famous for its open-air tuff quarries. Rich in Mediterranean scrub, its stone walls give it a wild and ancient appearance, extremely fascinating and unique. Traversed in its interior by a small mountain range, Favignana is also the perfect place for those who like to alternate sea and nature excursions. Exploring the island, it is easy to discover ever-new vantage points on its crystal-clear sea. There are numerous accesses to the sea, including splendid beaches with fine white sand, such as Burrone, Praia beach and Cala Grande, and unmissable cliffs such as Grotta Perciata, Cala Azzurra and Cala Rossa.

Lampedusa is the southernmost point of Italy and the largest island of the Sicilian Pelagie archipelago. Bathed in blue, it is a fragment of Italy in the African plate, of which it is geographically and geologically a part. It is no coincidence that it is characterised by a very hot climate, with its flora and fauna very similar to those of North Africa. It is precisely for this reason that its landscapes and natural elements are unique in our territory, between steppe, prairie and garrigue. Rich in history and colonised since ancient times, Lampedusa is one of the greatest pearls suspended in the deep blue of the Mediterranean. For those who love the sea and its typical environments, Lampedusa is simply unforgettable. With the marvellous Spiaggia dei Conigli (Rabbit Beach), or Cala Pulcino or La Tabaccara, among others, you will be spoilt for choice to relax lulled by the scent of the sea, perfect for snorkelling and diving. For animal lovers, moreover, a visit to the Sea Turtle Rescue Centre is a must.

Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Palermo, Ustica is not only one of the most beautiful islands in Sicily but is also unique. It stands out for its archaeological sites, its incredible caves and, of course, the beauty of its crystal-clear sea, beaches and cliffs. Ustica is simply perfect for those who love a holiday that is all about relaxation, but also about adventure, discovering the traces left behind by centuries of history. And that’s not all: here you can participate in astronomical and astrological excursions, go trekking on the rocky paths immersed in vegetation or simply lose yourself in its beauty. Moreover, for those who love water sports, Ustica is perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling, with numerous well-equipped centres, to let yourself be transported to the wonders of its blue world.

To understand the poetry and beauty of the island of Vulcano, it is really necessary to see it in person. With its unique landscape, shaped over the centuries by volcanic activity and atmospheric phenomena, the incredible panorama of this island strikes the heart at first glance. Naturally, it can only be described as a spectacular destination for all those who love to observe the wonders of nature, among its creeks and wild areas. However, it is also full of very picturesque villages, with their local crafts, where you can discover the culture and warmth of the island’s inhabitants. A visit to its main crater is not to be missed, but on Vulcano it is easy to be amazed by the emerald green vegetation that contrasts with the black of the rocks, to relax at the Mud Pools or the Thermal Spring, to stretch out on the black sand beaches and much more.