The 10 top destinations for summer 2023

2023 opened with high hopes for the summer season. In fact, unlike last year, some destinations have opened up their borders, allowing us to dream of new trips to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Moreover, the new year gives us the chance to experience unique emotions in little-known circuits, to be explored with one’s family or group of friends. In this article, we therefore highlight the 10 best destinations for summer 2023.

Top 10 Best Summer Destinations 2023
Need ideas on how to spend your summer after a complicated period, but don’t know which destination to choose? Are you thinking of an itinerary that combines culture and relaxation?

Here is our selection of the 10 best destinations for summer 2023.

Classical Greece and Meteors
Greece, as the cradle of Western civilisation, rich in history and artistic heritage, is our first choice of top destinations for summer 2023. This incredible cultural journey will take you to discover the authentic beauty of this country. Starting in Athens, you can relive millennia of history from the top of the Acropolis overlooking the city, to the alleys of Plaka, where you can savour excellent Greek cuisine in one of the most traditional taverns.

Continuing on to the Argolis region you will be enchanted by the beautiful Theatre of Epidaurus, perfectly preserved and still used today for numerous performances, the Venetian city of Nafplio and the archaeological site of Mycenae.

In the Peloponnese, the archaeological site of Olympia always arouses great emotions, with its ancient stadium, gymnasium and temples dedicated to Hera and Zeus. Continuing the journey, one then reaches Delphi, the navel of the world, a magnificent archaeological site on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. Finally, in the north, you cannot miss a visit to the Meteors, a characteristic area where you can visit incredible monasteries built on top of natural rock towers, the protagonists of an unparalleled landscape.

Grand Tour Turkey
The year 2023 has given us the reopening of Turkey. Therefore, its natural beauty, millennial history and traditions make this country one of the best destinations for summer 2023. Starting in fabulous Istanbul, the city on two continents, you will admire the grandiose Blue Mosque and Agia Sofia. You can also take an unforgettable cruise on the Bosphorus, where you can admire the silhouettes of the minarets towering over the metropolis.

But a trip to Turkey also means exploring Anatolia, with the capital Ankara and fabulous Cappadocia. Finally, Turkey in summer is at its best along the Aegean Coast. With its spectacular beaches, the Greek-era archaeological sites of Ephesus and Hierapolis and the cultural and natural heritage of Konya and Pamukkale, Turkey is one of the destinations of summer 2023

Grand Tour Cyprus
Are you looking for an exotic country, but want to stay within the European Union so as not to take too many risks? Then all you have to do is book a flight to Cyprus! Indeed, this island with its heart split halfway between west and east is one of the most popular destinations for summer 2023. Indeed, according to legend, the Goddess of beauty Aphrodite was born in its waters. Finally, in the Paphos area, you will reach Petra tou Romiou, the pebble beach that gave life to the goddess. If you are a lover of classical history, Cyprus also provides tangible evidence such as the mosaics of the House of Dionysus and the ancient Greek cities of Kourion and Salamina.

Also not to be missed are the Byzantine remains in the fabulous Troodos Mountains and the medieval masterpieces of Limassol and Kolossi. Finally, Northern Cyprus is home to the mythical city of Famagusta and the enchanting Kyrenia, as well as the capital Nicosia, still disputed between Greeks and Turks. A journey back in time, to one of the most controversial and beautiful places in the entire Mediterranean.

Gulet Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum
Among the trips abroad for summer 2023, why not take a gulet cruise in the beautiful Turkish sea? Indeed, this type of holiday harmoniously combines nature and fun, relaxation and exploration. Gulets are boats of Turkish origin, and indeed this part of the Mediterranean lends itself perfectly to such a cruise.

You can embark from Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus, and explore the breathtaking seas and scenery in the Gulf of Gokova. For example, the fabulous Cleopatra Island and the Seven Islands area will leave you breathless, with Caribbean beaches and clear, transparent sea. Finally, sleeping in a roadstead in the most unspoilt nature is an experience that will mark you forever!

Grand Tour Sicily
Travellers who do not want to give up the sea in summer, but who want to combine their trip with cultural visits, should definitely consider Sicily as a destination. Start in Palermo, with its beautiful buildings in the historic centre, a mix of architectural styles that testify to the passage of different civilisations and cultures. Wine lovers cannot miss out on a wine tasting in Marsala, passing through the lunar landscapes of the salt pans until you reach Agrigento where the Valley of the Temples with its incredible testimonies of Greek civilisation awaits you.

Continuing eastwards, one then stops at Piazza Armerina to admire its ancient mosaics. While of great charm is the area of Val di Noto, the home of Sicilian Baroque. From Noto to Ragusa, from Modica to the island of Ortigia, it is a riot of art and elegance. Finally, a visit to Catania, with its lava stone palaces in the shadow of Mount Etna, and the refined Taormina is not to be missed. A trip that represents the right combination of nature and culture.

Gulet Ionian Islands
In our top 10 best destinations for summer 2023, we have included another fantastic boat holiday. In fact, if you want to explore Greece’s most beautiful beaches and coves unknown to most, we recommend doing so aboard a traditional gulet in the Ionian Islands. You will feel like Ulysses, enchanted by the sirens, the colours of the sea and nature. From Zakynthos to Kefalonia, you will be charmed by Ithaca, Meganissi and the wild Atokos. Don’t miss an excursion to the Bay of Navagio, one of Greece’s iconic postcards!

Cyclades Experience
As we have seen, Greece is one of the top destinations for summer 2023, so we recommend a unique trip that will satisfy all kinds of needs. We are in fact talking about the Cyclades Experience, which will take you on a discovery of the most beautiful islands of this enchanting archipelago.

Once you arrive in Santorini, you can admire breathtaking sunsets and marvel at the spectacular caldera. Afterwards, you will set sail for Folegandros, where among traditional villages, secret beaches and sensational trekking routes, you will discover the true island essence of Greece. Finally, you will arrive on the island of Milos with its magnificent crystal-clear bays and ancient Cycladic traditions. An adventure trip, combining outdoor activities with culture and traditions, all in the spirit of true travellers!

Grand Tour Malta
In the centre of the Mediterranean we find Malta. This small archipelago may seem like a banal or obvious choice, but in reality it is capable of surprising even the most experienced traveller. We start with a visit to the capital city Valletta, seat of the famous Knights of Malta and ancient temple centre, with its beautiful Baroque cathedral and walled city. The journey then proceeds to discover M’dina, the ancient capital and a place of great historical importance, and the incredible Mosta Cathedral. To the south is the Neolithic archaeological site of Hagar Qim and the incredible scenery created by the Dingli Cliffs and the Blue Cave.

Moreover, in Marsaxlokk you will have the chance to delight in the succulent Maltese cuisine while admiring the typical colourful boats from its harbour. Finally, exploring the island of Gozo, you will experience the true essence of the Mediterranean, among fishing villages, ancient temple ruins and the blue sea.

Tour Tuscia: On the Trails of the Etruscans
Archaeology enthusiasts should not miss this tour to the heart of Italy. Indeed, among the recommended destinations during the summer of 2023, a trip to Tuscia is the right solution for those in search of an unusual but historically valuable destination. Located in the heart of Italy, this is the land of the ancient Etruscans, the people who shaped our country and decisively influenced the culture of ancient Rome. And it is precisely from the Eternal City that our journey begins, heading to places such as Tarquinia and Tuscania, Cerveteri and Vulci, to discover splendidly frescoed necropolis and works of the highest antiquity engineering.

Moreover, this trip will take you along the amazing Vie Cave of the Sovana Archaeological Park, through the tuff village of Pitigliano and among the natural wonders of Lake Bracciano. Finally, you cannot, of course, miss the famous village of Civita di Bagnoregio, the dying city.

Puglia and Matera tours
Finally, in our top 10 best destinations for summer 2023, we are in Puglia. With this beautiful cultural tour, you will discover the incredible regions of imperial Apulia, much loved by Frederick II. In fact, in Trani and Castel del Monte everything seems to speak of this great medieval emperor. The tour then moves on to Polignano a Mare, which, being built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea, offers breathtaking scenery. A visit to the regional capital, Bari, with its beautiful historic buildings and characteristic streets of the old town cannot be missed.

After visiting the incredible rock formations of the Sassi di Matera, you will then explore the famous Murgia area. In Alberobello you will feel as if you are entering a fairy-tale village lost in time, while not far away you will find the white town of Ostuni, perched on a hill with views sweeping across olive groves and the sea.

Finally, the journey ends to the south, in the beautiful Salento. From Lecce, the beating heart of Baroque Apulia, you will then explore the town of Otranto with its historic centre overlooking a crystal-clear sea. Finally, Castro is a real treat for mythology lovers, being the place where Aeneas landed to begin his long and legendary journey!