5 romantic destinations….all year round!

It may sound like a cliché, but we romantics know that it is. That’s why we’ve come up with five romantic destinations around the world: here, love is in the air all year round, whether you want to celebrate it in the jungles of Malaysia in March or on Route 66 in September…


The perfect time for a trip to Malaysia is from March to May, when the heat is a little less sultry and the risk of rain decreases considerably. Malaysia is a country dominated by contrasts: tropical forests and paradise beaches are combined with breathtaking skyscrapers such as the Petronas Towers in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Of all the romantic destinations, this is definitely one of the wildest! In fact, this trip is ideal if you are a couple looking for pure adventure: visiting Malaysia will give you unforgettable emotions and will make you return home with eyes full of beauty!

Another destination that proves that romantic destinations are not just about crystal-clear waters and coconut palms, and that will allow you to go – yes – even in summer, is Indonesia. This trip is perfect if you are a couple super curious to discover cultures, populations and realities very different from your own. Indonesia is, in fact, a mix of ethnicities, cultures, flavours and traditions, a world to discover… just the way you like it!

If you want to celebrate love with a romantic on-the-road tour of the United States, spring and autumn are definitely the best time! A trip certainly full of excitement, adventure and unforgettable moments. If you’re a couple with a lot of romantic action and don’t like to sit still too much then it’s the right time for this trip!

When it comes to romantic destinations, the fabulous Seychelles is a must: perfect for a honeymoon or a super-romantic anniversary in April/May or October/November. The Seychelles is ideal for a couple seeking a corner of paradise in which to share unique moments of pure relaxation and magic. We could define it as an intimate destination, and an excellent starting point to rediscover the joy of simple things: letting yourself be pampered by the rays of the sun on the shore of a crystal-clear sea, sipping a tropical cocktail, lying in the shade of a coconut palm tree or abandoning yourself to the sound of the water while swimming with the fish…

Last but not least… ARGENTINA! Always and forever a favourite romantic destination for passionate, curious, beauty-seeking couples, Argentina is perfect for almost any month of the year!!! Of course, we can more or less narrow the field to the period from March to November, thus avoiding the months of mid-winter in Italy. This beautiful country offers unique scenery and, with its contrasts and a thousand facets, guarantees a trip full of surprises! From multicultural Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego and Perito Moreno, the most beautiful glacier in the world.