12 destinations to go to in October in the sun in 2023!

Wondering where to go in October in the sun this year? Don’t worry! We’ve found 12 great destinations in Europe and beyond for a great autumn holiday.

There are several reasons why October is considered an ideal time to go on holiday:

  • The first is that the weather is very favourable in many parts of the world. Apart from the Caribbean, where cyclones can occur in October, and South East Asia in the middle of the rainy season, the temperatures in October are ideal for travel. They are milder than in summer and still very pleasant, especially for swimming. You can still enjoy the beaches, even in Europe! This is why the list of destinations to go to in October in the sun is large.
  • Secondly, there are fewer tourists in the destinations in October. This makes for a more authentic and enjoyable visit than in high season.
  • Finally, prices are more affordable than in July and August, especially for your airfare and accommodation, which will considerably reduce your holiday budget. So where to go in October in the sun? Check out our top 12 hot countries in October!

Where to go in October in the sun in Europe?
You don’t want to go far away for this October trip, but you still want to enjoy the blue skies? We have found the best destinations to go to in October in the sun!.

The Cyclades
A dream destination with white houses and blue roofs, the Cyclades will charm you in October. You can visit several islands such as Mykonos, Paros or Naxos.

You will be seduced by their beaches, their white villages and their calmness. Going to the Cyclades in October promises you a good time away from the summer rush, especially to enjoy the sunset from Oia to Santorini.

The Balearics
Bad weather never seems to hit the Balearics in October. Spend a holiday in the sun in October on the island of Ibiza, where at this time of year the party gives way to the discovery of a beautiful and unspoilt island.

On the other hand, in Menorca and Mallorca, you can enjoy the beaches with an average temperature of 22 degrees. In terms of airfare, several airlines offer very good rates to the Balearic Islands even at the last minute.

Go to the favourite destination of the French without having to deal with tourists! Lisbon and its tramway, Porto and its azuelos, all this just for you by leaving in October. Are you more of a beach person? Fly to Faro to discover the magnificent Algarve region and swim in its clear waters!

The Canary Islands
Do you know the place on earth with the best climate in the world? It is the Canary Islands in Spain! Temperatures are between 20 and 25 degrees all year round and it rains on average 15 days a year.

So the Canary Islands are a great place to go at the end of October in the sun. You will enjoy the black sandy beaches, the ocean and the volcanic landscape. Moreover, the archipelago is also a well-known and popular place for hikers.

Head to Sardinia in October, where this Italian island bordering the Mediterranean will charm you. You’ll find fine sandy beaches, fabulous scenery and of course great food!

This destination is one of the sunniest places on our continent in October! With ideal weather conditions, you can go on a road trip to Sardinia to discover all the great landscapes of the island.

Travelling to the Maghreb in October is the ideal time of year, as the stifling heat of summer gradually dissipates. Who hasn’t dreamed of sipping tea from the shopkeepers in the Medina while enjoying the pleasant weather and strolling the streets for hours? The unique hospitality of its inhabitants and its architectural wonders will delight you during a trip to Morocco in October.

Tempted by the American east coast? Travelling to Florida in October guarantees you excellent conditions to discover the city of Miami, the Keys or the Universal Park in Orlando.

Of course, you can also relax on the huge beaches in the area, such as South Beach or the world-famous Miami Beach. You can also visit the Everglades Park with its crocodiles and exceptional flora.

Tunisia is a perfect destination to go in October in the sun. Indeed, you will only have to choose between the beaches of Babeul, Hammamet or Bizerte whose water colour is incredible.

Even if the cities are more modern today, you will find during your stay a very marked cultural and architectural richness in the heart of the historical centres. By discovering these places, the Tunisian culture will have no more secrets for you. A trip between relaxation and discovery, which promises you a superb experience.

Still wondering where to go in the sun in October? We’ve found the perfect destination for you! French Polynesia is ideal in October, as the temperatures are summery (up to 32 degrees) and the rainy season has not yet started.

The beaches of Bora-Bora, Moorea or Rangiroa will delight you with the beauty of their lagoons. This is also the ideal time to watch whales and dolphins. To reach Polynesia, you can now find more affordable fares with low cost airlines flying to Tahiti.

Reunion Island
In October, Reunion Island slowly slips into summer, offering high temperatures with little rainfall. So if you’re looking for a place to go in October in the sun, don’t hesitate! Indeed, this is the best time to discover the island’s intense nature.

Between sporting activities such as hiking in the Mafate cirque or relaxing on the western beaches, Reunion Island is already shaping up to be one of your most beautiful trips!

In the USA, Miami is not the only ideal destination in October: California, with Los Angeles and San Francisco, is very sunny at this time of year with temperatures around 25 degrees.

You can organize a long citytrip between these two cities, and why not go on a road trip in the American West. You will discover the national parks of Death Valley, Bryce Canyon or the Grand Canyon.

Cape Verde
Cape Verde is an archipelago where you will find a wide variety of landscapes between sublime beaches and hikes in the heart of volcanoes. You will be especially marked by a very welcoming people. Cape Verde is an ideal place to go on holiday in October in the sun. You will have the possibility of bathing and of practising many nautical activities.