10 signs that a man is flirting with you

Although body language is one of the most complex and intricate, there are a few signs that signal the opposite s***s affection for you. Here are some of HIS actions that indicate – he’s crazy about you, so reciprocate as soon as possible. Maybe love is just around the corner?

  1. A cute smile Men tend to be less likely to share their smiles, so if he smiles at you, it’s the first sign that you’re not just in a relationship. Just remember that you may be madly attracted to a man, but his reticence and shyness prevent him from showing his feelings. Maybe it’s worth giving yourself a smile?
  2. Red cheeks You are mistaken if you think that it is only women’s cheeks that turn bright red when they are spoken to by a man they like. It happens to men too. It’s a bodily reaction that we can’t control, and it’s obviously very sincere and unadulterated. If a man blushes when he accidentally bumps into you in the street, you can be sure that he has already fallen for your hook.
  3. Eye contact It may not always be courageous to make eye contact with a man, but it’s very important if you want to build a relationship. The male side knows this too. The duration of eye contact is very important. If you notice that someone is staring at you for longer than usual, return the gaze (of course, if the person is interested in you, as it is very easy to attract some not-so-pleasant company). The gaze is a tempter and a seducer!
  4. If a man sees you as if he were seeing himself in a mirror, this is a sign that it is very important for him to please you and to please you. This can include mimicking your hand gestures and the way you speak. For example, you start laughing and he repeats it (even though he is not amused by the joke). A man who doesn’t care for you wants to become part of you, to identify with you, to show that he is his own person.
  5. Hands on hips It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s quite the opposite. If he puts his hands on his hips while standing, or sticks his thumb in his belt loop, he’s obviously sending flirting signals that are meant for you (unless there are several other beautiful women around, of course). This firm stance sends a signal of how confident and strong he is, according to men. A real Macho!
  6. Careful touch If a man accidentally bumps into you or clumsily steps on your foot, it’s not flirting, it’s basic clumsiness. However, if he accidentally brushes up against you, touches you, runs his hand over your arm or otherwise tries to make body contact, you can assume that you have caught his eye. Do you like this man? Please say the same! Many women are wary and fearful of this sign of flirtation, but don’t make that mistake. Maybe you have been touched by your future spouse?
  7. Turning your head towards a woman It may sound strange, but our non-verbal movements give away a lot. Head turns, head tilts, distance to another person – these are things we sometimes want to hide. If a man tilts his head towards you and leans in closer, he is very interested in what you say, trying to catch every word. It is very important for a woman to know that her words go to her husband’s mind as well as to his heart.
  8. It is said that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Yes, they tell us a lot, sometimes even what we would like to hide from others. If you notice that a man’s pupils dilate when he looks at you, this is the most obvious sign of flirtation. He’s just crazy about you!
  9. Raised eyebrows This shows that he is very interested in what you are talking about. Or maybe… It’s just that the woman sitting in front of him is arousing such intrigue, admiration and romantic feelings that his eyebrows involuntarily go up. If you want to annoy him and make him wriggle his finger around even more, keep an eye on his eyes. You’ll soon see how your man’s interest will increase even more!
  10. Touching his face If a man is seriously interested in you, he will involuntarily start touching his face often. This happens because he is very excited and therefore has difficulty controlling his actions. Men send s**ual signals when they touch and rub their jaw with their hands, rub their ears, chew or touch their lips with their fingers. Now that you know all the secrets of male flirting, it’s time to take advantage. Watch his body, his movements, his eyes and his smile, and above all, don’t be afraid to reciprocate!