4 surprising phenomena of female psychology that even women don’t know about

Women are sensational beings that often leave us in awe. There are, of course, legends about female intuition, and their lore impresses us with its flexibility. Today we reveal 4 interesting phenomena of female psychology that even you haven’t heard about!

Women like sad men
Dear men, don’t get us wrong! This doesn’t mean that you have to sit sad like a mummy on dates with your beauties! What we mean is that it would be very good to share your worries and sorrows with them. This will help the relationship a lot. Women are emotional beings. If they see that you are honest with them, so you trust them, this will mean a lot to your girlfriends.

Smiling is an excellent method of manipulation in a relationship with a woman
And although the word “manipulation” sounds very harsh, insincere and unpleasant, you have to take comfort in the fact that manipulation exists, in one form or another, in everyone’s life. So in your dialogues with women, dear men, if you tell her what to do and at the same time give her a warm smile, the chances of her listening to you increase exponentially.

The cause is again hidden in the emotional nature of the woman. It is known that “women love with their ears”. What you say to her in words is less important than what you say in gestures. And, believe us, we women pay close attention to your every little gesture. So try to be as sincere as possible and smile.

After an argument, a woman needs more time to calm down
By their nature, women react more strongly to emotional stimuli. That’s why, dear men, after a family quarrel, don’t try to make up quickly, and certainly not with the formula “I forgive you, but if you’re wrong, you’re still wrong”. You will get nowhere. Often, the conflict only continues because the man has managed to calm down, but the woman’s nervous system is still overloaded. In this situation, silence is golden. Hug her (if she will let you) but don’t say anything to her until she starts talking again.

Beauty is important
And how, dear men! And all those creams, jars, bottles, that flood the bathroom counter are as necessary as ever! Yes, we do use them! Yes, permanently! So don’t try to give them away! And it’s completely explainable. It’s actually a matter of instinct. When a woman is attractive, she not only feels her partner’s love, but also grows in the eyes of the competition. If we are dealing with a single woman, her beauty increases her chances of finding her mate. So don’t roll your eyes when the one of your heart makes a new appointment at the beauty salon!