What not to tell a man under any circumstances!

Each of us should know what not to say to a guy. NEVER! If you want to avoid a situation in which you have said something wrong, you yourself are not quite sure what it is that has made him reluctant to speak to you and has the so-called furor, you should know what you absolutely, under no circumstances and for any reason in the world should not tell him.

These few tips are sure to make you avoid unnecessary conflicts, or rather, you will avoid them, because the blame will probably fall on you anyway. As you know, honesty and trust in a relationship are indispensable elements of a happy life together. However, contrary to appearances, you should not tell your partner everything you think and every word that comes to your mind. As you know, guys are sensitive inside despite trying to show to everyone what kind of tough guys they are.

What not to tell a guy: “Let’s stay friends”.
These two words are very often used by women, but not only, after the end of a relationship. This is a big mistake. Immediately after the end of a close relationship with a partner, it is not possible to go from a relationship like in a relationship to a friendship relationship, for everything you need enough time, which you should give to your ex. If you are fresh from a breakup, it is even more impossible, so it is better for both of you if you end your relationship, but with different words.

What not to say to a guy: “Constant “NO””.
If you dismiss every proposal your partner makes with the word ?no? you hurt his feelings. When your guy wants to spend a nice evening or afternoon with you at the pool, for example, and you still don’t like his ideas, after a while he will stop proposing anything. Of course, you don’t have to like all his proposals, but sometimes it’s worth compromising.

What not to tell a guy: “You’re doing everything wrong”.
This sentence, uttered in anger or after some failure, will definitely not evoke positive feelings from your partner, and he will definitely remember it for a long time. Constantly criticizing him and pointing out his mistakes can have a very negative impact on your relationship. Therefore, if there are things that you don’t like, you should explain them to your partner calmly, with details. Sometimes it’s worth praising them for some thing well done, because constant criticism will spoil your relationship.

What not to tell a guy: “My previous guy was sensational in bed”.
Men are very sensitive on this point, because in this way you discredit their masculinity. Avoid malicious remarks! If you are not satisfied with his caresses – talk about it calmly.