Give up on the one who has already given up on you.
Sometimes it’s hard to let people leave your life. However, very often, you have no other option. There are plenty of reasons. From romantic relationships that didn’t work out to friends who choose to go their separate ways – keeping someone trapped in your soul is a self-destructive habit. It only hurts you, no one else. You’re hurting yourself. You prevent yourself from moving forward and being happy again. You delay your healing.

How to stop keeping a soul that’s already gone from your life trapped in your soul
Letting go of someone who’s left you doesn’t make you weak. It simply means that you decided to choose yourself. It means you’re putting yourself first at the expense of someone who has stopped caring about you. You select your true happiness and stop holding on to something that no longer serves you. And that’s okay.

Regardless of how things ended, it’s hard to let go.
Letting go. But you have to. And you do it by moving on and moving on with all the beauty that’s in it, with all its imperfections. You learn to open yourself up to people again because you’re sure not everyone will give up on you. You develop a new habit – to put yourself first, rediscover yourself, and realise how many beautiful things you deserve and how beautifully you can grow. You learn to work on yourself to become the best version of yourself. Because you are strong, but you want to be stronger.

You allow his soul to leave your life.
You don’t hold him, prisoner anymore. You don’t think about how beautiful your life would be if he were a part of it. Instead, you appreciate the people who are still in your life and will never leave. You understand your own life and everything you’ve accomplished so far. All of that doesn’t go away because someone walked away from you.

As you move on, you won’t even notice when you’ve made the change and released their soul by letting them go. It will take time – it’s a process you must believe in and accept, but it will happen. You’ll learn how to live without it; after a while, you won’t even remember how you felt when it was in your life. You don’t have to bury the memories you have with him or never think about him again… you have to let go of his soul…. and it will all take care of itself.

To let someone go is to rediscover yourself. And there’s nothing more beautiful and powerful in life than rediscovering yourself.