5 tricks to rekindle passion in a couple

When we see conflict as a doorway to passion and harmony, we overcome it more easily as a test of love.

The truth about relationships is that they require commitment and dedication. Why? Because conflict is inevitable after the butterflies in your stomach stop flapping their wings. The appearance of disagreements does not mean that relationships have to end or that partners are not as compatible as they once thought.

Conflict is actually an opportunity to strengthen relationships. Conflict challenges us, helps us grow and, why not, rekindles our physical contact appetite. Conflict can be our friend, not our enemy, because it can bring us closer to our partner. The challenge is to build the bridge from conflict to passion. When we see conflict as a doorway to passion and harmony, we overcome it more easily as a test of love. We don’t fear, we don’t run away, we don’t divorce. We bring the magic back into our relationship. Here’s how:

Put each other first
Put your profession and your job and even your child first, if applicable.

Kiss each other every day for at least 30 seconds
This causes the release of oxytocin which strengthens the relationship between you and the feeling of security. A 20-second hug generates a significant amount of dopamine that will make you feel in love with each other.

Create novelty and excitement
Get out of your routine or comfort zone by changing your behaviour and generating excitement and surprise. The new things you do with your lover create a new and powerful connection especially when they involve a bit of adrenaline.

Try to give up virtual communication during the day
This means no emails, texts and phone calls about anything. Leave time away from each other to miss each other and look forward to seeing each other again.

Schedule at least 10 minutes face-to-face in the evening to connect.
This is the time dedicated to reconnecting and talking about your dreams or interests where you enjoy each other. It can take more than 10 minutes, but ideally no less.