Who will say the word “s-word” first? Here are 3 ways to NOT profess love!

One of the most anticipated and exciting moments in a relationship is when the long-awaited “I love you” is first spoken between two lovers. Whichever one of you starts the confession, you’re guaranteed to stand before your partner with sweaty palms and a high pulse, and when you get the answer you’re hoping for, a great weight is lifted off your shoulders.

It’s hard to plan the situation in which to make your first confession, but if you want to be truly honest and romantic, you’d better avoid the following mistakes:

If you say it too early
This word carries a lot of weight, which is why it’s better to say it between the two of you when you’re both emotionally mature and secure in each other. Otherwise, one of two things can happen: either you will scare your partner, who is not yet where you are emotionally, or he will find your statement frivolous and superficial.

If you say it drunk
Although the saying goes that a drunk person tells the truth, we would argue against that. When drunk, we often experience heightened but not necessarily realistic emotions, and it is by no means certain that we will agree with our drunken self’s statements the next day. Not to mention the fact that your partner will probably question whether it’s real emotions talking or just a bottle of wine.

If you say it in a message
It’s a fact that in the modern age, most of our conversations are conducted by text message, but it’s better to say such a passionate and intimate confession face to face. Trust me, it’s much better if you can hug your lover right afterwards.