turn jealousy into something good?

Don’t forget about the things they have
If jealousy gets out of hand, then you may find yourself thinking only those things that the other person and that you don’t. Look for the positives too. You might be jealous that someone at work has been promoted, but completely ignore the fact that you love the job you’re doing right now and you didn’t really want that other job anyway.

Have more confidence in other people and in yourself
Especially in relationships, jealousy is often borne out of a lack of faith, or trust, in both yourself and other people. Once you’ve acknowledged that you feel jealous, use that feeling to create more trust in people. When you find out that your partner hasn’t been cheated on at all, learn from that and learn to trust him more. When you claim again that exam that your friend passed before you did, and then you get a better grade than them, learn from that one.

Don’t judge people based on past experiences
Jealousy can also teach you not to assume that people are all the same. Just because a loved one let you down in the past, that doesn’t mean every man will cheat on you. Try to understand why you feel jealous and you’ll be able to put an end to those feelings.

Stop comparing yourself to other people
The world is made up of many different types of people; each with their own abilities and their own faults, making direct comparisons between yourself and other people is pointless. You are not inferior to anyone else, just different, so you have nothing to be jealous of. Let your jealousy be proof to yourself that you are unique and special and that will turn your jealousy into a positive thing.

Ignore it
Accept the fact that you feel jealous and then simply ignore it. Let your partner go out with his friends, male or female, and after a while you will learn to trust him. Jealousy only eats you up if you think about it, so try and be stronger and put it to the back of your mind.

Make yourself the priority
Everyone gets a little jealous of other people sometimes, but if you turn that around and let it motivate you to get the things you want out of life, then you will have succeeded in making jealousy a positive emotion. What other people have, or do, shouldn’t be your priority, it should be. Make your own happiness your priority and don’t let jealousy ruin it for you.