Research – Men who marry smart women are healthier and live longer

Does the average man’s priority list put his future wife’s intellectual abilities ahead of her impressive beauty? Let’s face it, in the vast majority of cases, no, but a study published on this research shows that it should be.

The research, carried out at Aberdeen University, looked at the health of identical twins and compared it to their wives’ IQs. They found that an intelligent wife can be an important factor in protecting against degenerative diseases.

They have shown that men who settle down with a smart woman live longer and happier lives and are much less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia or the decline that comes with ageing in general.

“The thing that boys are almost never told about the secret to longevity – and they should be – is to marry an intelligent woman. There is no better shield against dementia than intelligence.” – confirmed Lawrence Whalley, a professor at the university.

A previous study has already shown that crosswords stimulate the brain, protecting it from these diseases. Similarly, a suitable mental partner who constantly trains his or her partner’s mental abilities has the same benefit.

One of the most interesting parts of the discovery is that while some of the men in the company of brilliant women in the study may have shown physical signs of dementia in the brain, they showed no signs of it in practice. What’s more, they themselves were found to be highly intelligent and high-functioning during the experiment.

Encouraging women and men alike to value the female brain more than the external one – or at least treat it as an equal – is certainly not a new idea. It has always been an objective of feminists and is an evidence for most people. Girls who grow up taking pride in their intellect have been shown to be more independent and self-confident. And boys who share this mindset have better relationships with women and, where appropriate, can provide a more secure background for their wives and daughters.

Furthermore, if a man considers intelligence as one of the primary criteria for choosing a mate, he will not only be good for his own physical and mental health, but also for society as a whole.