body language tips for increased success

Eye contact
If you want to let people know you’re paying attention to what they’re saying, then you’ll need to look them in the eye. Don’t look around the room, out the window, or at the phone, or they’ll think you’re disrespectful, or that you’re just bored. Occasionally during the conversation nod as well, confirming that you understand what is being said.

Don’t fret
When talking, or giving a presentation, don’t fidget and fidget around, because it will give the impression that you’re nervous, or that you have something to hide. Sit up straight and keep going. Don’t put your hand up to your face, either, because that’s also a sign that a person may be lying.

Mirror your body language
If you mirror another person’s body language, then that shows that you are of the same mind. Keep an eye on how the other person is sitting and positioning themselves, and copy that posture and stance. You don’t want to go too far with this though, or it will look like you are imitating the other person.

Get the handshake right
Your handshake can say so much about you and a person who might make a judgment about you based on that alone, so it would be well worth your while thinking about what your handshake says about you. A weak, limp handshake will suggest that you have no drive and that you lack confidence. A bone crushing handshake, on the other hand, will make you look like you have an overbearing personality.

Keep your palms facing down
If you watch politicians on TV, who will be trained in body language, you’ll notice that they put their hands palms down on a podium when giving a speech. This is because having hands, palms down, projects the image of a person who is in a position of authority and who is trustworthy.