Guys 8 ways say I love you without even saying it

A lot of guys don’t say “I love you” very often. They feel a little weird about it and go against the male mainstream. Or it’s more likely because they’re afraid of rejection and feeling a little crazy, a little scared that after months of working up the courage to say it, all I get back is a bland “Oh, that’s nice” or “thank you”. But don’t be worried, in case your guy is a little backwards in coming forward with those three little words you’ve been longing to hear. You might just have to deal with some of the more subtle ways that he shows you his love, for now anyway. Let’s begin:

He likes to be around you
You can’t expect him to give up all of his friends and distractions, but if he chooses to spend time with you instead of his friends, then you’re off to a good start. If he chooses to be with you and share some of the things he knows you don’t enjoy, like doing chores or going shopping, then he’s really making a statement.

His friends like you
For starters, he will trust his friends much faster than he will trust you. If his friends have warmed up to you, then it’s a good sign that he’s told them how much he thinks of you and that they know how happy you make him feel.

Body Language
Body language says it all. We all hate it when a stranger invades personal space, but when you find that the man is constantly close to your side and seeks physical contact with you, he does it for a reason, it’s one of the ways he says “I love you”.

Hand holding
Handholding is a way for a man to send you a secret, coded message. A soft and cool holding hand says “I think this is what is expected of me”, whereas an offer, but firm, hold with casual little squeezes for no apparent real reason, is his way of quietly saying “I love you”.

Calling yourself for no reason
If you’re wondering why you get called on the phone for no apparent reason, take a hint!

Eye contact
People are very guarded about who they make intimate eye contact with. It’s almost as if we fear that if our eyes stay connected with a person for too long, they’ll be able to see inside our heads or our soul… When a man looks deep into your eyes, he’s not just showing you his confidence, he’s trying to quietly communicate his adoration for you.

He shares his secrets
Girls might share intimate secrets freely with their girlfriends, but men rarely do. They prefer to keep their macho image intact by keeping their book closed, so if a guy starts sharing his most intimate fears with you, he’s telling you that he loves you and trusts you enough to be able to open up to you.

Many people are still raised with the idea that men don’t cry and men aren’t “sweet” or “soft,” so the simple phrase “I love you “isn’t an easy one for them. But when this phrase does finally come from such a man, you can be sure it is from the heart and represents a true commitment. So time wait, there’s no rush. Better to receive a meaningful “I love you” than a glib and insincere one.

What on your opinion are other ways guys say “I love you” without you even saying it? Feel free to share your thoughts and relationship advice in the comments section below.