6 types of toxic behaviour you should never tolerate in anyone

When someone constantly points out and points out your weaknesses
Have you ever faced a situation where you argue with someone, they are clearly wrong, yet in instead of apologising or admitting their mistake, they start to remember all their mistakes and shortcomings?
This happens very often when the opponent feels they are losing the battle, so they try to weaken you at any cost. Namely, he begins to humiliate and insult to disarm and anger.
This stream of venomous criticism must be stopped immediately. When someone tries to change the subject to make you feel insecure and confused, you need to say firmly that you stand by the your words and will not tolerate their disgusting behavior.

When someone makes caustic remarks, saying that this is just a joke
Some people think they can tell anyone they want anything, under the guise that it’s just sarcasm. They smile at you sweetly and at the same time offend and humiliate. They don’t give a damn about your feelings. You don’t understand.
humor? They act surprised.
They assure you that everything said is nothing but an innocent joke, that you are too sensitive, etc. But a joke makes you smile, it doesn’t hurt, does it? Therefore, the next time someone says something mean and caustic to you and then starts to convince that they were just joking, declare that you don’t intend to tolerate it. Tell them about your feelings and that you won’t allow it again – that was the last time.
Don’t let anyone laugh at you under the guise that it’s just sarcasm. This is not sarcasm -these are mean words and comments made for the sole purpose of hurting you.

When someone tries to make themselves comfortable at your expense
You don’t have to make others feel comfortable and happy constantly. It is not the job your job to continually praise people who desperately need to be praised for their self-confidence.
Self-esteem is exclusively their area of responsibility and you have absolutely nothing to do with with it.
Supporting and helping a person not to give up and keep moving forward is one thing, but when they literally force you to constantly applaud them or erase tears, that is already a clear overkill.

When someone plays the role of the victim, even if they themselves have done drama
Surely you’ve met people like this many times. These are the real masters of manipulation: they themselves start an argument and then take offence, portraying an innocent victim whom nobody understands. These people love to portray others as immoral and horrible, despite complete lack of evidence.
Victim-blaming is a common tactic toxic people use to avoid taking responsibility for their own words and actions. Worst of all, they often behave so convincingly that we begin to believe! We believe that we have done them wrong and not the other way around! Don’t fall into this trap – says immediately “No!

When someone acts as if life is a competition
Life is a journey, not a race. There are no winners or losers. Everyone has their own path and their own shoes, so comparisons are simply inappropriate. Each person walks along this path at their own speed, their own ways and this is completely normal.
Sadly, many people not only rush through life like crazy, but think as well, that they must constantly catch up and overtake you. Try to distance yourself from those who rejoice when you fail or fail to achieve your goal. They are jealous and black inside, so if they can wish for anything, they are definitely not good.

When someone calls or writes only when they need you
An ex who hasn’t called for months and then shows up at 3am just to hear your voice, a colleague who finds you on social media to chat but never speaks to you in person, a relative who only reaches out when they’ve run out of money. All these people only remember you when they need something from you. In other circumstances, they don’t even remember.
You’re just an alternate airfield for them, where you can “land” to rest and get something. They don’t need you, they need your energy, which they steal and then disappear as if they don’t nothing happened.