5 The Most Jealous And Possessive Zodiac Signs

Jealousy is usually one of the biggest problems when it comes to being in a relationship. Here we show you which are the most jealous zodiac signs.

The stars are also decisive in many aspects of everyone’s personality and also have something to say about the predisposition to jealousy and how it is treated. So much so that below we show you which are the most jealous of the zodiac signs.

Zodiac signs can help us decipher certain behaviours in ourselves and our partners. Just as we can understand which are the most jealous or rebellious zodiac signs, the position of the stars at the time of our birth also helps us to know how jealous and possessive we can be in a relationship.

In this list you will find the four most jealous signs of the entire zodiac and how they manifest this feeling. Find out who they are and if you find yourself in the ranking.

Those born under this sign trust their partners, but they are also jealous and possessive. Although they are passionate, they tend to feel insecure in the area of love. For this reason, they will visualize possible scenarios of infidelity and will want constant confirmation of their partners’ loyalty and devotion.

Taurus can be people whose anger is hard to control. So they will express without hesitation when they see people or situations that make them think about their partner. If they confirm their suspicions, the culprits will endlessly lose the Taurus’ trust.

When the Cancer detects a reason to be jealous, they can’t help but scold their partner. A single inappropriate aspect can trigger Gemini jealousy. They will erupt in anger and demand an explanation for their partner’s actions.

The display of jealousy by people of this sign will intensify as they become more confident in their partner. On the other hand, being romantic and sentimental people, bouts of jealousy can trigger a million emotions and they may not express them in the best way.

Zodiac Lions are territorial and possessive. Their temper can cause them to explode in anger at odd behavior and cause distrust. Their intuition doesn’t usually fail, so they will realize very quickly if something strange is happening with their partner.

Although Leos are not usually controlling, they will want to know what their partner is doing once they detect an unusual movement.

Scorpios are characterized by mad love and raging hate. So their jealous attacks are to be feared, because not only will they be angry, but they already have a degree of certainty that something is going on.

Scorpios are intuitive and will not find it difficult to confirm that their jealousy has a motive and a source. If they feel theirs is in danger, they will try to fix what is wrong. However, if they confirm that they have betrayed them, they may plan revenge on their partners.

This is an Air sign, jealousy can make them paranoid, they are very possessive and territorial and do not hide it, when they feel disadvantaged in such a situation they prefer to walk away and never return.