6 Ideas That Can Change Our Lives And The Way We Deal With Others

Accept that people come and go in our lives
Surely, in these two months we have not been able to chat with all our friends on social media sites. But the one thing that is certain is that those people with whom we have kept strong ties (through all channels of communication) and who we have been fond of have a special place in our lives and we can rely on them when needed. We can’t be friends with everyone, and as much as our apps encourage us, it’s easy to understand that we only form affinities for certain people, depending on the period we relate to. We had a tribe of friends growing up (perhaps some are still with us today), a group at school and another at work afterwards. But people evolve and we evolve with them. It’s only natural that, over the course of a lifetime, our paths may part.

Learning that every lesson has a price
Goodbyes hurt, and even if we get angry or disappointed, it’s important to learn the lessons life gives us. We can’t give the easy spin, we get hurt, but after the band-aid takes effect, we realize we can pick it back up, shaking it off, ready to enter another relationship, without the certainty of being, again and again, disillusioned.

Keeping the people who care about our wellbeing with us
The test of friendship comes hard, and no doubt we know who our loved ones are who care about us with all their being. It’s those people who don’t need to be called all the time, but who we know are there for us at all times, ready to help, on whose shoulder we can cry – without asking for anything in return.

Accept that a relationship takes effort
Friendships are not taken for granted, they are built over time and maintained through mutual commitment, understanding, shared values, loyalty. In a friendship, there is a need for continuous contribution, even if disappointment and deception may be part of it. It is important to be open, to be fully present and to fight for the people we love, whom we consider family, and to remember that for the sake of the bond between us, we should not just have expectations of them.

Let’s cut down on social comparisons
Most of the time, we relate to the successes of others in a negative sense, blaming external forces (destiny, divinity, conjuncture) for personal failures. In the whirlwind of disappointments, we no longer distinguish between the reality of the facts and the path others have paved to achieve their performance. This period, in which we allow ourselves to have honest discussions with ourselves, can be a good opportunity to reconfigure the dynamics of our relationship with ourselves so that we can soon see the first improvements.

Be aware that we don’t “have” to please everyone
As much as we would like to tick off as many people as possible who are happy with us, we will find that as we move in this direction, we will sink into great disappointment. Because it’s impossible to please everyone. Moreover, keeping our uprightness no matter what is crucial nowadays. We can polish ourselves daily and create the best personal version of ourselves, but we will not be able to stray too far from our own values by changing our structure. It is necessary to focus on what defines us and to remain devoted to the things and people we like, who inspire us and with whom we can have areas of growth and development.