4 Signs That You Are Trying Too Hard In A Relationship

You’re the only one trying to make the relationship work
Are you the only one in the relationship trying to keep it together? Have you and your partner been having a bad time for a while and you find that you’re the one trying to patch up what little is left? If so, you should see that as a warning flag, and think about what it is that’s keeping you with the person.

You’re worried you’re going to break up
If you’re constantly walking around worrying that you and your partner are going to break up, that’s not a good sign. When you’re in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel good, you usually get mental and physical symptoms of anxiety like a lump in your stomach, overreacting to simple situations or getting sad about things you wouldn’t otherwise react to. All this anxiety may be because you are afraid you are going to break up and you are trying too hard.

You care more about your partner’s needs than your own
This is never a positive sign. In a relationship, you should consider your partner’s needs but also your own. If you spend a lot of time and energy trying to make your partner feel good about the relationship, this could be a warning sign that you are trying too hard. If it is only you trying and never your partner, it may be that the love is no longer mutual.

You’re always the one to check in first
Some people are bad at checking in, but if you’re always the one who checks in first and asks if you’re going to see each other, you might want to rethink the relationship. Do you want to be the one who always wants more and tries but doesn’t get as much in return?

What you should do if you recognize yourself
If you recognise yourself in any of the points, or maybe all four, you should talk to your partner about how you feel. Maybe your partner hasn’t reflected that you are the one trying to make the relationship work. It can sometimes be hard to know if you are doing something wrong or less than right in a relationship if you are not told. You may also notice where your partner is in the relationship depending on their response.