The Warning Signs That You Might Be The Problem In Your Relationship

In almost every relationship, you enter a bad period. You love each other and want to be with each other – but you don’t know what’s wrong. Here are three things that indicate you could be the problem.

You focus on the negative when a problem arises
It’s normal to feel that your seed-bearing is testing your patience at times. But how fun would life be without challenges sometimes? However, if you and your partner are in a situation that you can’t seem to get over because you only see the negative in it, it could be because you’re holding back on the relationship (of course, here it depends on what kind of situation it is, but you get the point). If a problem comes up in the relationship that you can’t work on with your partner or see past the negative, you may be holding the relationship back without even knowing it.

You’ve stopped communicating with your partner
Being able to talk and discuss everything with your partner is really important in a relationship. You need to be able to share both good and bad things with each other. If your relationship is going through a bad patch, it is especially important that you communicate with each other. Being able to talk about what is bad will allow you to work on it and eventually, maybe, get over it. But – if you’ve stopped communicating and listening to your partner, nothing will happen.

You look back while your partner looks forward
Getting stuck in the past tense and “what if” thinking doesn’t help your relationship at all. Yes, you may regret decisions you’ve made or wish your partner had handled a situation differently. But getting stuck in how it could have been, instead of focusing on how it is now or how it can be, doesn’t improve the relationship. Then you have to make a decision about whether or not you want to stay with your partner.