5 Tips On What To Do If Your Family And Your Partner Don’t Get Along

You’ve found a partner who’s perfect for you. In every way. But your family doesn’t agree. Alls. What do you actually do when your family and partner don’t get along? Can it be resolved, and if so, how? Take our tips!
Even if your family doesn’t say it outright, you can tell that they dislike your partner. They don’t get on at all and the situation can feel impossible and hopeless. But it’s not really the end of the world – here are five tips to help you deal with the situation.

Find out what they really think
You may have just read your family wrong. Your partner might be paranoid, very shy or maybe even a bit difficult which makes your family feel awkward in return. And no, don’t ask them if they hate your partner. Try to keep an open conversation where you just ask them what they honestly think of your partner.

Find out if the problem can be solved
If it’s a small problem, it may be easily solved. Does your family mind the way they talk or do they think your partner is a bad influence on you? Whatever it is, if it’s a small thing, it may be enough to ask your partner to stop swearing in front of your parents or ask if they can make some small changes to avoid conflict.

Review the situation
How bad is it? Is your partner forbidden to attend family gatherings and has your family forbidden you to marry your partner? That situation is more serious and it is up to you to make a choice. Who do you want to spend your time with for the rest of your life? If it’s just a matter of them wrinkling their noses behind your partner’s back, maybe they’ll get over it.

Share your thoughts with your partner
It’s important that you share your thoughts with your partner. Be open with your thoughts and feelings. After all, you want your partner and your family to get along, make sure your partner is looking for the same thing. It’s not worth fighting for someone who isn’t fighting for you. Make sure you’re on the same page.

Put your foot down
If the situation between your family and your partner is difficult, it’s unfair that you’re caught in the middle. Your family needs to understand that you are an adult who makes your own choices. If the situation feels too overwhelming, it may be a good idea to take a break from those who are negative about your relationship. This will also give you time to think things through.