5 attractive qualities that are more important than looks

How you act towards others can determine how desirable you are seen to be – it’s not nearly as important how you look. Here are the traits and behaviours that make you highly desirable!

Sure, you can fall for a charming smile or beautiful eyes, but research shows that personality plays just as big a role in how attractive someone is perceived to be.

Certain personality traits are simply rated as more desirable in a potential partner than good looks – and thankfully so! Because a good-looking face can never make up for an unpleasant personality, especially in the long run.

Here are 5 behaviours and traits of people who are perceived as attractive, according to science:

They make others feel special
Do you make people you meet feel valued and seen? For example, memorising a new acquaintance’s name and demonstrating this by addressing them by name is considered very attractive, according to German research from the University of Bamberg. By making others feel special, you are perceived as special too.

They are generous
Generosity is also an attractive trait, according to research from Indiana State University in the US. Among other things, the study found that generous people – including those who volunteer – are perceived as more attractive.

They take action against injustice
Responding to injustice and immoral behaviour is perceived as attractive, according to an American study from the University of Arkansas. So if you’re upset by the lack of morality of others, that’s a good thing in itself – but ideally you should also actively counter injustice and, of course, set a good example yourself. Women in particular found this an attractive quality.

They eat organically
The type of food you eat can also affect how attractive you are considered to be. Dutch researchers have found that people who buy organic food are seen as more desirable than those who buy non-organic food. This applies to both longer relationships and shorter relationships.

They are ambitious
People who work hard and are enterprising and determined are seen as more appealing than those who are on the lazy side, according to research from Adelphi University in New York. The university’s psychology professor Lawrence Joseph says it’s partly because we are attracted to people we think we can build a stable future with – and who can help support any children. Lack of ambition is also a common reason for separations.

Type of relationship matters
What is considered attractive can also depend on whether it’s a casual fling or someone we want to start a long-term relationship with. In shorter relationships, we are often attracted to people who are outgoing and assertive. However, if we are looking for a long-term partner, it is more important that the person is warm, reliable, dedicated and caring.