Marriage In Danger? 5 Signs That You Are Facing Divorce

The step from the altar to the divorce lawyer doesn’t usually happen overnight: that something is no longer right in a relationship often becomes apparent early on. If you heed these eleven warning signs, you can prevent your marriage from going down the drain.

Your Partner Doesn’t Care About Your Feelings

If your partner no longer cares about how they are doing, they may be doubting their own feelings.

Your Partner Does Not Work On The Relationship

Your partner used to go out of their way to keep the relationship crackling and tried to work on problems within your marriage – but no more? This is a warning sign that the marriage is no longer a top priority for him or her.

You Are Projecting All Your Dissatisfaction Onto Your Partner.

Are you dissatisfied with your life and taking out all your frustrations on your spouse? Try to find another outlet. Otherwise you will give your partner the feeling that you are not doing anything right – and this can backfire in the long run.

Your Partner Lets You Down

You want to further your education or pursue a new hobby, but your partner refuses to support you in the household and is not otherwise there for you when you need him? This can also be a sign that all is not well in your relationship.

Your Partner Is Always Going Out – But Without You.

Is your spouse having more and more fun out of the house while you sit at home twiddling your thumbs? Obviously he is trying to break out of the daily routine of the relationship. Try to bring variety into the relationship and dare to have adventures together!