Here Are 6 Simple Habits That Will Increase Your Charisma And Self-confidence

Empower your charisma!

The Law of Attraction.

We attract everything ourselves in our lives. This is unconscious, but you can also start to use this purposefully to your advantage. If we believe in what we are doing, others will believe it too. If we start doubting ourselves, others will also start doubting us.

When we start to believe that our goal is easy to achieve, we start to exude more self-confidence. And self-confidence makes you more attractive.

Visualize yourself with a lot of self-confidence and imagine how every situation will go perfectly.

Take time to meditate

Most people feel insecure and stressed when they find themselves in a social situation. This is completely understandable and natural, but it doesn’t give a good impression. A simple trick to stay calm for such situations is to learn to meditate.

Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, impulsiveness and worry. All things that often lead to social blunders. It also boosts your mental strength, focus, creativity and memory, qualities that are crucial to building relationships and good conversation. And best of all, it only takes 20 minutes.

Know Yourself, Stay Yourself

Personal Congruence is aligning your thoughts, feelings and expressing yourself.

When your beliefs, strategies and behaviors are fully aligned, you are congruent.

To become congruent you need to practice, and practicing this promotes self-confidence.

When you are congruent others start to see you as you really are. You express your true feelings.

Do what you want to do

Do things you really want to do, not because you want to appear a certain way to others, or because you want to belong somewhere.

When you stop looking for validation from others you start feeling freer, and doing more things you thought you were never going to do.

Your passion for doing what you love is going to be attractive to others, because nothing is more attractive than someone having fun.

Worry less about what others think of you and think more about the person you are. And enjoy life.

Learn to listen to others

Everyone likes to talk, but few can really listen.

As a friend of a good listener, I can tell you that this affects people a lot. Many people tend to talk too much, but really listening is not part of this, because they are already thinking what they are going to say when the other is talking. But if you listen you can really start to understand people, how they feel, just let them talk, and don’t talk too much yourself. People are going to feel comfortable with you and you can help them well with their problems.

Listening opens your mind, strengthens your sense of empathy, and your empathy.

Don’t let it get to you!

Everyone has been rejected before, but if we start dwelling on why we were rejected, we create the opposite effect as the Law of Attraction component discussed above.

The fact that not everyone is going to like you, or not want to hang out with you can be very discouraging. Or it can be tremendously liberating!

A rejection doesn’t always have to do with you. If 2 people can’t work or live with each other, you’re better off without them, and better to put your time and energy into other relationships.