Dark circles under the eyes: 5 tips from a naturopath to reduce them naturally

How to stop having dark circles under the eyes? If quality sleep is necessary to reduce them, it is not enough, by itself, to make them disappear. Sylvie Mansart, a naturopath and member of the Copleni group of wellness practitioners, provides an update.

The presence of dark circles under the eyes is explained by the transparency of the skin of the lower eyelids, which is five times thinner than the rest of the body. This area is also highly vascularized and has a lot of veins and arteries. Fortunately, certain correctors are particularly effective in camouflaging them and natural tricks can be used to reduce them. We asked Sylvie Mansart, a naturopathic doctor and member of the Copleni Wellness Practitioners Collective, to share her expert advice with us.

What causes dark circles under the eyes?

Unchangeable factors

Dark circles are often attributed to intense fatigue. However, while lack of sleep does indeed promote their appearance, they are the consequence of multiple factors, which are unfortunately difficult to influence.

Heredity plays a significant role, to the point that some people can have dark circles, even with sufficient sleep. Blue or purplish dark circles – the most common – can appear very early, in childhood or adolescence, simply because of the transparency of the skin, which reveals the small blood vessels located under the eye.

Skin aging can also be the cause of brown circles, caused by melanin spots located under the skin. “They are produced by melanocytes, cells that are essential to our body and whose function is to protect our organs from UV rays,” explains Sylvie Mansart.

Reasons related to stress and lifestyle

The psychological aspect should not be dismissed either: “The dark circles can come from stress, anxiety and nervous tension, warns the naturopath. These psychological states cause mental fatigue that manifests itself through physical signs. “At the same time, dark circles can be promoted by a poor lifestyle, such as alcohol and tobacco consumption.

How to reduce dark circles under the eyes

Reduce the factors that promote water retention
To limit the appearance of dark circles, you should reduce your consumption of salty foods, tobacco and alcohol and stay hydrated in sufficient quantities.

Get enough sleep

While fatigue is not the only factor to consider, the best remedy for dark circles is sleep. At night, the skin activates recovery and regeneration mechanisms,” says Sylvie Mansart. And this process has a peak of activity between 11pm and 2am. “

Adopt the right beauty routine at bedtime

It is necessary to apply the good gestures as of the bedtime. For radiant, plump skin, never skip makeup removal and moisturize the face, without forgetting, of course, the eye contour area. You can then apply cold water compresses, ice cubes or even small spoons placed in the refrigerator (maximum 30 minutes) in order to reactivate the blood circulation.

Massage the eye contour area

When you apply your eye care product, remember to make small circular movements. This gesture allows the cosmetics to penetrate more easily but also to activate the microcirculation. “If you tend to wake up with swollen eyes, this small effort of massage will be also very effective against the water retention”, specifies the naturopath.

To bet on floral water

The water of cornflower is one of the best allies of the tired eyes and the inflated or irritated eyelids. Its soothing properties fade the signs of fatigue and give a fresh look to the complexion. But rose water also has many virtues! “Place the soaked cotton pads in the fridge, put them on your eyes and leave them on for a few minutes, your eyes will instantly deflate”, assures Sylvie Mansart.