April Horoscope: What will happen in your life this month?

What will happen in your home, work, health and even love during April 2021 according to the horoscope?

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

This is a month given to the spiritual, but in the sense that you will have to protect yourself from capricious curses of a certain lover who believes he has the power to have you forced to his side. At home, you should maintain the physical and spiritual cleanliness of the house, place amulets of protection in key points, such as entrances, windows and kitchen. At work, it will be a month to have everything organized and at hand because it will be a time of constant evaluations of which you will be subject without notice. In love, your singleness will have you a little playful with a suitor who does not quite convince you. If you are engaged, you will be very anxious about the behavior of your partner. You have to be alert! In health, back discomfort in the neck region due to accumulated stress. Lucky numbers: 17- 83- 91.

Tip of the month: Use a coral to activate your psychic and auric fields of protection against the possessiveness of capricious people and mocking spirits.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

This is a month in which if you are looking to be in sweet waiting you will succeed. At home, you will have to order the family priorities, attending first of all to what is really urgent, for example, a very strong displeasure with your brother (a). At work, it will be a month to tighten your belt because your boss will be all over you looking for you to fail in order to fire you. Do not give him reasons. In love, you will be pressured to find a guy who also wants a stable relationship. If you are already married or if the guy has already arrived in your life, your libido will be at its peak, so the fun in intimacy is guaranteed. In health, month to take care of yourself and apply family planning. Lucky numbers: 03- 71- 58.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

This is a month in which some of your friends who made commitments to you give value to their word and you begin to see positive results. At home, you will have to restructure roles within the family so that harmony and good communication prevail within your home. At work, you will take on a new challenge that will bring you more money and free time. In love, you will be “designing” that prince you long for. Is it worth it? If you are married or living with your partner, you will be given to pamper him/her, which will bring great fruits. In health, month to take care of sudden movements, avoid walking with shoes that you do not master to prevent a sprain. Lucky numbers: 50- 36- 96.

Tip of the month: Use an amethyst to ward off negative energies that gossipers and envious people always send you, some with great fervor.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

This will be a month of little progress, but what you achieve will be of great significance for your aspirations, especially in the economic and professional field, as this is what always keeps you on your toes. At home, you will have to be patient with an uncle who you feel thinks he knows everything because he seems to stay at your house for a few days. At work, you will have active and hectic days as time is running fast for everything you intend to achieve, relax and focus on one goal at a time. In love, you will date several guys, but you will be very selective. If you are married, do not panic, but the stars will make you be very cold with your guy, which will cause some differences. In health, muscular problems in general that will be solved with a little walking. Lucky numbers: 16- 70- 68.

Tip of the month: Use a crystal quartz to keep your auric field clean and your physical space free of discordant energies that could interfere with your actions.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

This month will be a month of much reflection about your life, regarding what you have not yet accomplished. At home, it will be a month of remodeling at home, in the part of electrical wiring, plumbing and some parts of the floor. At work, your superiors see in you an excellent manager, but you will be tested a little difficult to see if you respond to high pressures. In love, your singleness will keep you going on several dates. It’s up to you to find out if one of them will turn out to be the right one. If you are in a relationship, you require attention from your partner, so you will be manipulative. Be careful. In health, you require an urgent general checkup. Lucky numbers: 22- 40- 82.

Tip of the month: Use an amber so that everything you plan can be accomplished without being hindered by fearful energies.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

This month you will have activated intuition, many things you sense will turn out to be true, so you will be surprised by your successes, so make the most of this energy. At home, you will take a trip to distant lands to visit your child. At work, it will be a month of exhausting audits and reviews, so if you go on leave or vacation, you should leave your affairs backed up. In love, decide what you want from a partner. One of those requirements that should not be missing from your list is honesty. If you are married, your challenge this month is to rekindle love because your relationship is in danger. In health, you will have discomfort at the auditory level, some with consequences such as dizziness. Lucky numbers: 02- 46- 89.

Tip of the month: Use an opal to keep you focused on what you really want to get in your life, at least in this time you live now.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

This will be a month when you plan a trip for pleasure or work. At home, financial blessings arrive, after some waiting, that you will be able to manage for the priority needs and the results will be great. At work, it is time to define what you are looking for in that place, and if you feel that you are not advancing, take a look at other places where you can develop. In love, you will be besieged by several suitors. If you are married, you will have silly arguments and fiery reconciliations. In health, be careful because the consumption of flour and sugars will make you gain weight. Lucky numbers: 07- 27- 95.

Tip of the month: Use a red jasper so that you have control over your emotions and what fills you with passion is not a reason for you to perish.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

This is a month in which you receive help and support from important people related to public offices where money is handled and where you get a benefit that you have requested. At home, it is time to make an inventory of family assets in order to organize the records of the same for possible business. At work, it will be a month of discrete accomplishments, but they will mean steps to climb higher positions of importance and to improve in your rank. In love, you are waiting for a guy to come along to awaken your senses. If you are a married or engaged girl you will strengthen ties with your partner and passion will be present. In health, you should give real importance to keeping in shape, and take care of your diet. Lucky numbers: 49- 04- 70.

Tip of the month: Use some agate discs in shades of purple and violet to help you transmute the energies that haunt your home from negative to positive.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Days of tests to both your intellect and your ability to adapt to hostile environments, so you will have to get the best of you. At home, you will have to organize the house because at times you neglect it because of your multiple obligations in the street. At work, challenges and tests are coming, you just have to trust you. In love, being single will give you the opportunity to share and meet suitors. If you are married you will have as a challenge to get your partner to really get used to the fact that you are one. In health, work stress that you manage to channel through yoga and breathing exercises. Lucky numbers: 01- 55- 94.

Tip of the month: Use a smoky quartz to stimulate your creativity and intelligence in situations where you feel pressured by those around you.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

This month you will have conflicts with young people in your environment, so it will be better to keep a low profile because you can not fall into capricious games of anyone without reason. At home, you will be key in the family circle so that the difficulties are solved. At work, you will have important news as a result of evaluations that have been made and there are very few things that you will have to correct. In love, you will run into an ex in one of the bars in your city and you will start dating again. If you are married you will have to decide whether or not you want to have babies because you feel you can wait a little longer. In health, cramps in the legs and abdomen will appear every day. Lucky numbers: 40- 18- 67.

Tip of the month: Take a moonstone with you to activate your auric field. protection against negative emotions and envy from third parties.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Evil exists, it is the most real thing in your life and this month you must fight against bad people who try to dominate you through emotional traps, taking advantage of your good heart. At home, you will receive some visits from relatives that you have recently realized that they remember you when they are in need. At work, be careful not to mix too much with gossipers, concentrate on your tasks and on a proposal that a boss will make to you the first week of this month. In love, you will feel fantastic going on a trip to the mountains or beach with your suitors. If you are married, you will have to deal with your partner’s discomfort due to work stress. In health, you should check your vision because something is going wrong. Lucky numbers: 15- 61- 70.

Tip of the month: Use a green tourmaline to protect you from evil spells.