8 Qualities Of Women Who Love Themselves

Self-confident women are convinced that they are “worth something.” What does that mean exactly? Our analysis with tips.

One thing in advance: no one is self-confident through and through.

But nevertheless, there are women who value themselves to a special degree. We can all benefit from their qualities.

They do not compare themselves with others:

Our own weaknesses become greater and our successes smaller – just because we compare ourselves with others. Self-confident women know this and accept themselves as they are.

They stand by themselves:

They are not intimidated by the opinions of others. “I don’t think your decision was right!” – “You just can’t!” Behind such statements, there is often only the ill will of others. Recognizing and internalizing this is a strength of self-confident women.

They learn from failures:

No one is perfect – no matter how self-confident they are. That means making thousands of small and big mistakes in life. Those who use these low blows constructively to grow from them are way ahead on the self-confidence scale. According to the motto of Samuel Beckett: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

You are authentic:

You can’t convince anyone by playing a role. While the job in particular demands a professional demeanor, you’re only appreciated by others if you also show your personality. This means that you also sometimes hold opinions against the mainstream. Or renouncing hobbies just because they are trendy.

You are not afraid to be selfish:

Your girlfriend is crying on the phone again, your boss expects you to work overtime? Self-confident women say no. They know that they have the right to put themselves first – without being selfish.

They are responsible for their own happiness:

People with low self-esteem often expect others to make them happy. This cannot work. If you want to be happy, you have to work on it yourself and change.

They leave their comfort zone:

People who don’t take risks may live safer lives, but they can’t grow either. Tackling challenges makes you confident and strong.

They love their bodies:

Self-confidence doesn’t have a defined dress size. It is charm and charisma that make up attractiveness. Unfortunately, many women forget this too often. Men don’t – they recognize right away which woman loves her own body.