7 Happiest Habits of Women

Everyone wants to be happy, but few people can achieve it. However, it is enough to make a decision and stick to it! A habit can be acquired very quickly when you understand that it is vital and that it can change your life.

Live in Love

Your life should not be an obligation fed by various frustrations. If you decide to live in love, you will change your life overnight. You will learn that it is better to open your heart, because love always wins! Many people have decided to close their emotions because they have suffered too much: this is a mistake! By loving people, life and every moment, you will meet people who will help you become the best version of yourself. By deciding to live in love, you will no longer be attracted to the selfish and the self-centered, because they will no longer echo your values and your life path.

Decide to Be Optimistic

Learn to see the glass as half full, not half empty! Optimism is contagious, as we are all looking for those who bring a bit of magic and optimism into our lives. Don’t be like the sheep who are in a herd and decide to lobotomize their brains! Learn to be one of those who know how to smile and open up in order to reap all the benefits of life. It is the optimistic people who change the world, because they have the absolute certainty that goodness, wealth and prosperity are within reach of everyone. You don’t have to DESERVE happiness, you just have to open your heart to embrace change and become a different and innovative person.

Surround yourself with Happy People

It’s like having a beautiful fruit basket and accidentally putting a rotten fruit underneath it – the whole basket will rot! It is imperative to surround yourself with happy people because they will lift you up and help you reveal yourself. Too much time is wasted listening to people complain while trying to help them get their heads above water: STOP! If you need to spend time, it’s helping happy people become even better because they have decided to believe in life and give themselves the means to succeed. Leave those who have decided to close their hearts and go for openness and change. It’s time to close the door and sort through your relationships to keep only the worthwhile people.

Practicing Gratitude

There are two surefire ways to cleanse yourself of the flow of negativity: gratitude and forgiveness. Why should you practice gratitude? Because every second of your life will serve you in your learning. I’m not saying that life is easy, but that it should be lived 100% without regret! In fact, the idea is simple: make sure you don’t regret anything, because every situation will help you move forward. Being in gratitude is simply deciding to remove any negative resentment in order to be always in acceptance, happiness and openness.


Forgiving does not mean accepting everything, far from it! It means saying: I decide to forgive you for the harm you did to me because I don’t want to live with that burden anymore! I think that forgiving is a gift that we give to ourselves, because we decide to move forward and not look at the past anymore. Regret leads to fear, it’s a downward spiral that will bring out your ego and lead you to your downfall. Happy people know that everything happens for a reason and that you don’t need to be hurt in life. Learning to forgive is above all deciding to love yourself.

Living In The Present

Living in the present is not a choice, because it is the one and only reality! The past no longer exists and the future is to be created. To decide to live in the present is to take a bite out of life. Remember when you were little: you loved life all the time, because you didn’t know frustration, regret, fear or guilt. So, I advise you to make the decision to create magic in every moment of your life.

Accepting What Cannot Be Changed

Since we are constantly interacting, some things are not of our making. You may be going through a breakup that is paralyzing you from all sides, because the sadness that is overwhelming you is blocking you and preventing you from moving forward. To evolve, you must accept that you cannot change everything! You can be a victim of someone else’s actions – there is nothing you can do about it EXCEPT accept and decide to let go of the pain that is flooding you. Happy people have made the decision to NEVER waste time with negative resentment. They have decided to accept so they can let go.

What about you, do you have any other habits? What makes you happy? What habits do you want to develop? Don’t hesitate to share your feelings and desires with us.