6 Clear Signs That He Does Not Deserve You

No matter if you’re Mr. Noncommittal, non-aging child-head or the classic relationship phobe: If a man doesn’t treat you decently, he deserves only one thing – the dump!

Sometimes you can be quite suffering in love, at least if you are in a relationship with a wobbly man who behaves puzzlingly to inconsiderate again and again. Abandonments, disappointments and a life on hold become a given in this relationship.

Do you catch yourself tolerating his questionable behavior, justifying his absence to your friends, and constantly hoping for better? If so, you’re stuck in the middle of a victim role that doesn’t do you justice at all.

Considering a breakup is never nice. But sometimes it only saves you unnecessary endless suffering. That’s why we advise you to put an end to the permanent plugging in – after all, there’s something better waiting for you!

he does not accept you as you are

He constantly criticizes your figure and watches every bite you have on your fork. He pinches your little bumps on your hips & co. and emphasizes that you have to watch out. Can you even imagine what it feels like to be loved and desired by someone who appreciates every pound on you?

it’s all about him

Time together as a couple? When and if you see each other is up to him. Spontaneously meet somewhere? Then the main thing is to be near him. Destinations? He sets them! In general, it seems that your relationship is mostly danced according to his nose, so that he has it nice and comfortable and according to his wishes.

he does not want to meet your friends

Our friends accompany us faithfully in good and also in not so good days, they stand by us when we need support and they know us like hardly anyone else. If he doesn’t value getting to know your favorite people and spending time with them, then he’s also closing himself off from one of the most important parts of your life.

he does not stand by you

Do you know his friends mostly from stories? Do you have the feeling that he avoids you and his family meeting as much as possible? Let’s be honest: Actually, you want to let the whole world and especially the people who are important to you know to whom you have lost your heart!

he keeps you at a distance

And maybe even physically … Constant clinging to each other does not have to be at all, but at least you should feel desired, missed and also simply comfortable in his proximity. If instead he often gives you the feeling that you are a nuisance, then the place at his side is not yours.

he does not show feelings

Not everyone can say ‘I love you’ or other expressions of love. But sometimes words are completely superfluous if he shows his feelings with loving gestures and small niceties instead. Sometimes even an intense look (with shining eyes) is enough to show how much you love someone. The main thing is that you sometimes feel that you two could embrace the world together. Missing in your relationship? Then listen to your gut feeling …