You Will Never Be Happy With These 7 Types Of Men

The search for a suitable partner can be quite exhausting. If he doesn’t just run into you in the supermarket or at the office, you first have to find a candidate you can check for suitability for your heart. But even if the selection is large, for example because you are active on Tinder or have registered with a portal for online dating, it is a real task to separate the wheat from the chaff and subsequently find out whether it is the great love. You should not waste time unnecessarily on these seven types of men:

the wounded man
This type of man has suffered bad things in the past. Many of us have, but with him there is an unpleasant fact: he is not over it. As a result, he will never really trust you. He is at the threshold of bitterness. Getting him away from there is not only almost impossible, but most importantly, not your job. A happy relationship is not possible with this type of man.
Typical phrase: “You women are all the same.”

the childish
The childish type is especially exhausting because he consistently refuses to take responsibility for his actions and his life. If you get involved with this type of man, you will kill two birds with one stone: you will get a man and, in the same person, a child as well. But do you really want that? You’ll have to keep up with him, keep track of his appointments, and urge him to get important things done. This may seem like a cute quirk in the first few days, but in the long run it’s a real relationship killer.
Typical phrase: “Will you remind me about the doctor’s appointment tomorrow?”

the commitment-phobe
He is successful in his professional life, has built up a good standard of living and knows what he wants. The problem: That’s not necessarily you. Committing to a woman for a longer period of time makes him uncomfortable, so he avoids “committing” to a woman as much as possible. The word “marriage” does not exist in his vocabulary and he is incapable of relationships. This type of man is overly interested in women, but only for shorter adventures or a friendship plus.
Typical phrase: “I’ll call you.”

the self-absorbed
For this man only one thing counts: other people’s admiration for him, and preferably from women. He loves himself more than he could ever love a woman, and therefore seeks one who is willing to give him the daily affirmation he needs for his ego. As a rule, only those women are willing to do this who themselves have very low self-esteem and allow themselves to be manipulated by him for his own purposes.
The typical sentence of this man basically starts with “I”.

the gambler
With this man, the danger of losing your heart is particularly high, because he is a real quick-change artist. He is charming, eloquent, attentive and a real pro when it comes to compliments … Until you end up in bed with him. Then the other side of this blender shows up: He becomes unreliable, doesn’t get in touch anymore and shows them quite bluntly that his interest is now very manageable. The problem: By this point, his manner has already stolen your heart.
Typical phrase: “I just don’t want a relationship right now.”

the exploiter
This type of man is particularly dangerous because he steals not only your heart, but also your money. He prefers to approach women who are financially well-off and ideally gullible or very lonely. As far as his charm and courtship are concerned, he is in no way inferior to the gambler. It so happens that he succeeds relatively quickly with most women. Once you have fallen for him, he will ask you for funds – always with the promise to pay the money back soon. But of course this never happens.
Typical phrase: “If you love me, you’ll help me.”

the talker
For this type of man, everything is imaginable: children, marriage, big trips. The problem is, however, that as easily as he makes big plans, he’s just as sure of finding excuses as to why right now is not the right time. Even if you want to believe otherwise – this man will never put his money where his mouth is.
Typical line, “I want it too, but let’s hold off on it.”