It is already known that one of the most common reasons for arguments in a stable couple is money. Long-standing couples go through various crises, many of which could be solved without more money. And many worries could be solved with extra cash. But as there is no bottomless sack full of money, sooner or later, limits and arguments arise. Here are some practical tips to avoid money-related disputes in your marriage.

Practical tips to avoid money-related arguments in a couple
We will all have financial problems, no matter how much we earn, because everyone has expectations about finances, investments, and fulfilled desires. Sometimes the other may disagree or fall short regarding their expectations.

So there are some practical tips to help you manage money as a couple without arguing and feeling unfair.

Make a spending plan.
First, try for a month to write down your expenses, from bills to spending on food, entertainment and personal belongings.

Then make a spreadsheet of the general expenses you have month by month, but don’t forget to factor in your annual costs.

Set a budget range for all these expenses, and you’ll have a much better overview of the investments you need to make and overspending.

Divide your expenses
Since you now have a plan with expenses, it’s clear that you will now know how to divide them so that there is, as much as possible, equality in the couple. This equality is difficult to interpret and is unique to each couple, not that everyone necessarily puts in the same amount of money.

Perhaps one partner earns more, so it can support higher expenses. Maybe one partner still doesn’t make an income but needs to feel secure and have some financial freedom, if any, that only the other can give as a sign of love.

Couples are so different, but there are solutions to all of them.

Don’t spend on the sly.
Be transparent about your spending. Otherwise, your significant other may feel lied to or even cheated, not knowing why you bought something on the sly. Maybe just a surprise or a gift is a good motivation.

On the other hand, everyone needs their money just in case. Everyone should spend this budget freely, without explanations, stress, and pressure from each other.

Plan shopping together
You both must buy what you want. On the other hand, planning your shopping, for example, for food, also helps you move towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Rebuke each other with… compliments
Sound strange? Well, it can be, and this approach is happy, as it helps you discuss opposing arguments in harmony.

For example, suppose your partner is more of a spender. In that case, you can compliment their relaxation about money and point out the minuses or other more efficient spending alternatives. The idea is for the others to feel appreciated and understand that they might be overdoing it.

And conversely, if the other person is too careful with money, you can point out what you would like as an investment shortly, either for the couple (e.g., an outing somewhere you’ll have a great time) or a personal one (a personal asset for one of you) or for your home.