Friends Or Best Friends? 6 Things That Make A Best Friend Stand Out From The Crowd

Of course, it’s hard to value your friends and have any kind of hierarchical order. But maybe you have someone you trust a little extra? How do you know the difference between a best friend and a friend from the friendship gang anyway?

In my opinion, good friends are the most important relationship you can have (except for you with children). That’s why it’s important that we value our friendships. All your friends are important in different ways and really, you probably shouldn’t rank and value your friends, but a best friend is still a best friend.

Your best friend doesn’t have to be the one you have the most fun with or party the hardest with. It might be the one who is always there and always cares, who is just obvious – always. But what really makes a best friend?

You have no filters
When it comes to you and your bestie, you’re perfectly comfortable revealing all the secrets you’re hiding from the rest of the friend group. Instead of judging you and your opinions, your best friend accepts you. You’re always a little extra weird when you see each other.

Your texting conversations wouldn’t even be understood by the FBI
Rebusing, inside jokes or just the occasional word… good thing you understand each other anyway!

You feel at home with each other
Does your friend open the fridge without asking and know where the fin cups are? Maybe they panic and run to the toilet as soon as you get home? These are signs that they feel at home and that you know each other well.

You talk without using words
Often your best friend knows what you think before you do. With a nod or a wink, you can have a conversation that only the two of you are aware of.

You tell white lies to back each other up
If you’ve told your best friend something in confidence, you can trust them to keep it to themselves. Your best friend may even tell a white lie for you, and then pretend the information is new. For example, when you finally tell everyone you’re dating your crush. Your best friend has known about it for weeks, but still plays happy and surprised.

Your best friend knows your family
Your best friend has probably met most of your family. At every family gathering, they ask how your friend is doing.