When to announce the pregnancy to the parents?

For sure, that’s it, you’re pregnant! Congratulations! You naturally want to share your happiness with those around you: your husband of course, but also your parents! When should you tell your parents that you’re pregnant? Should we wait, and if so, how long? And how will they welcome the news? Here are our tips for doing everything right, and protecting you from unpleasant surprises:

A big upheaval:

The announcement of a pregnancy upsets the place of each member of the family. Especially when it’s the first pregnancy! The husband must now prepare for his role as a father, and the parents for their role as grandparents.

This new status for parents, while generally well received, also confronts them with the inexorable passage of time. That’s it, they are entering the third age. The future grandmother fully realizes that she has passed on the torch, that it is no longer up to her to make children. The future grandparents also see the end of their lives coming a little closer… At first, once the joy of knowing the news has passed, a certain anxiety can sometimes set in at home. Anxiety which fortunately passes quickly! Once they have accepted their new role, your parents will be happy to take care of your children when they come to visit them!

The announcement of this news will be one of your parents’ very first memories of your pregnancy: so choose the place and the time! (See “10 Ideas for Announcing Your Pregnancy to Your Family” ) A quiet, intimate setting is best, to let your joy and emotions run riot as a family. Because yes, the family is growing!

Should we wait? For how long?
It is decided, you intend to announce your pregnancy, you have chosen the place, the way, only the date is missing! To share your happiness, the ideal is to wait three months. Indeed, the risk of miscarriage being statistically more important during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is better to wait for the first ultrasound before letting everyone know. Because if your pregnancy does not reach full term, it will be much more painful for you to have to tell those around you, who will naturally come to the news, that you have lost the baby. Losing a baby, even an embryo, is a painful experience to live through, but rest assured, once the first three months have passed, your risk of miscarriage is greatly reduced!

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